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A mighty ocean is made up of drops of water. A great healing chi-field is made up of individual healing stories. Every healing story is a story of love --the love of oneself and others through ups and downs. Every healing story is a story of  triumph -- the triumph of one's spirit over one's temporarily setback. Life is no guarantee. We love life as it comes.  

Now I no longer get migraine headaches



: : For those that don't know me, I have suffered from chronic migraine since I was 5 ( only 20 years so far :) but since I have been practicing, I have seen a "huge" decrease in the number of headaches and the severity. So until yesterday, I had not gotten a migraine for about 3 weeks which seems like forever. So yesterday came as a big shock, but instead of getting discouraged about it I got excited, because this would be a good way for me to give Luke feedback on his new tape. So I came home, and popped it into the stereo. Needless to say, that tape is so awesome. I just allowed myself to totally let go and allowed my head to totally let go. After about 20 minutes of the tape I was so relaxed and so involved in the whole "chi" thing, I didn't even realize that my headache was gone. I don't know when it left but it did and for anyone that has ever had a migraine, it seemed shocking to me that I didn't notice it leaving. All that aside, the tape really helped me to concentrate in a time when I: didn't even want to think much less do La Chi to a tape. The affirmations and visuals on the tape led me through it so I could focus on "headache chi" disappearing and that made all the difference to me. I wonder what "headache chi" looks like? :) oh well, Just thought I would share. Love to all Becci

I was just thinking this morning, as I was getting ready for work. I was in the bathroom, in front of the mirror and as I slid the medicine cabinet door open and saw my "old" prescription bottles sitting in there - I was reminded that I can't even remember the last time I had a migraine! :) I am so close to being able to say - " I used to get chronic migraines" and it really awes me. I mean only a year ago, I had a neurologist tell me, at 23 years old, that there was nothing else he could do for me - if he could only see me now. lots of love and only 8 days to go until my first 100 days is complete! :) Becci

Hi - I have also gotten rid of migraines by using ChiLel. I used to get them everyday - almost no moments of relief but I learned to live with them taking daily medication. When I found ChiLel though, I stopped all my medication and found that after about a month I only got them a couple days a week and they were less severe, and as I kept practicing they gradually decreased until now I no longer get migraine headaches. when i was still getting them though, I used to sit and listen to the Journey tape, in the dark and start doing La Chi. I would gather enough healing chi between my hands that I could "feel" it and then would deliver that to my head. I would do this over and over and my headaches would disappear. So when you make the decision to quit all meds or get to the point where no meds seem to work anymore - try doing La Chi. It is very quiet, very little movement, and you can do it in the dark so there is not a lot of light to bother your head. Turn the tape on low and start practicing - it worked for me and was a huge breakthrough that I knew I could defeat them if they did come. Much loving chi to you all!!! Becci


                Here is Becci’s La Chi visualization: As I pull my hands apart I visualize that my hands are out in the starry sky and as I bring them together again, I bring in all of the chi (huan yan chi)  as the stars and they form a large glowing mass between my hands.  Each time it gets larger and stronger and when it has reached a really strong, large ball of chi - I take that ball and deliver it to wherever I have pain or stress and visualize it washing over the area and changing all of the pain/stress to a glowing area of huan yan chi.  Then I repeat that again - growing a large glowing ball and then deliver it to the area of need.  It becomes a glowing penetrating ball that almost pulsates with healing  energy.



My migraine days were history


Columbus, Ohio

300 consecutive days of ChiLel-Qigong! This is a milestone for me. I have had many interests over the years but this is the first time I have ever stuck with anything for 300 consecutive days! Those of you that are daily practitioners probably understand what I mean when I say practicing feels "like going home".
I first heard about ChiLel-Qigong from my Tai Chi teacher Debra Weisenburger Lipitz. Actually, I was eavesdropping as she was speaking to another student. At the time I was "coincidentally" desperately looking for help with my migraine headaches. They were nearly incapacitating me. I had reached the point where I was willing to give anything a try. Speaking with Debra just briefly in class was enough for me to know that the "Qigong" she spoke so passionately about might just be what I was looking for. In the mean time, keeping with conventional means, I tried one of the most current medications for migraines. It worked! I was happy to get relief after being plagued for decades but did not like the idea of depending on medicine. Then, because of a severe family history of heart disease, my doctor would not prescribe for me again, until I completed testing to determine the health of my heart. I really wasn't sure I wanted to know if I had heart disease like the other members of my family. However, the test was scheduled. Due to an emergency the day of the test, I couldn't go. I was able, however, to make the ChiLel-Qigong workshop Saturday of that same week. I went to Debra's workshop with an open mind and learned about Qigong. I came out of the class knowing that my migraine days were history. In almost 10 months, I have had only one migraine. I was very disappointed when I got it. Two days later I met a lady that suffers terribly with migraines and would give anything to go 10 months between them. She was right. I went from a headache every 2 weeks to one every 10 months - how could I complain? (I need to add here that I am speaking humbly of my headaches because I know there are plenty of people in the world that would love to only deal with migraines.)
Since I began my ChiLel-Qigong I have had many other changes in my life, including changes in the plants and animals around me. I look forward to my practice every day as if it was the first time.
Thank you Luke Chan and thank you sweet Debra for bringing this to me.
Much loving chi to all!

My headache was completely gone!

Our names are Dirk and Patrizia Johnson. We live in Bloomington, where we

had the fortune to do a Qigong workshop with Mrs. Judy Summerville at the

end of July. During the training we got all the material concerning the

methods. We did not start practicing it until recently, when I (Patrizia)

did not feel well and had to call in at work. I felt as if I had a flu

starting, all my body was aching, and above all, I had a terrible


Since I am pregnant, it was not possible for me to take any pills, so Dirk

and I decided to start practicing the Lift Chi Up and Pour Chi Down

Method, in the hope it would help both of us to feel better.

We followed the instructions on the video-tape. It required quite a lot of

concentration, since it was the first time we practiced it.

Afterwards we both felt totally relaxed, balanced, and my headache was

completely gone!

The following day I had headache again, this time lighter than the

previous day, but since we practiced the method again, it was not problem

at all. Since then we have been practicing it every day, and it has helped

us a lot, physically and spiritually.

We haven't started doing La Chi regularly, yet, but that's the next step.

Thank you for all your help.

 Loving chi to you all  

Dirk and Patrizia

  I have not had one migraine headache...




Hello my name is Edward I just recently began my qigong training. I am in my first gong. Just finished my first full moon meditation It was great!! I felt great and set me up for the perfect aikido class ever not to many mistakes and good energy. Since the beginning of qigong and aikido in to my life I have not had one migraine headache of which I had many beforehand. Thank you Dharma Zen center/Aikido Ai dojo for changing my life forever and that is how long I plan on practicing these arts.

Fewer headaches


I have TMJ and ChiLel has definitely helped to some degree (fewer headaches, less clicking of jaw). And the only thing that's ever helped a TMJ headache for me is doing the wall squats which usually makes my headache disappear. I firmly believe that over time, it will disappear completely. If you look further down the forum list, there are some postings on the subject.

Much chi to you!





I still get maybe 1 or 2 a year 


Yes, it's like going home, a lot of us feel this when we make breakthroughs in our personal development. I want to keep on practicing and never stop because there's so much good that can come from self healing for us and others. Remember you made the choice to accept this healing and it's a very personal one. I'm glad that the headaches are now down to a minimum, they can really put you down for a day or two. My mom still gets them and some times when there so bad I have even taken her to the ER to get a shot of Demerol for it. I still get maybe 1 or 2 a year and I use practice and hot and cold therapy for mine. In October I'll be attending a level 2 workshop with Debra and I'm so excited to meet her and see some of my other teachers from out of the area. This is a great opportunity and I thank everyone for sharing their feelings in the forum (Ch'i) field.
Hao La
United as One,

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