Healing Good News for Eyes

A mighty ocean is made up of drops of water. A great healing chi-field is made up of individual healing stories. Every healing story is a story of love --the love of oneself and others through ups and downs. Every healing story is a story of  triumph -- the triumph of one's spirit over one's temporarily setback. Life is no guarantee. We love life as it comes.  

 Glasses gone!


Deborah Lissom

I had an exhilarating experience today. I retook my drivers test and threw away the glasses that I have needed since I was 12 years old! I have been doing 6 Directions since the May workshop at Oakwood, not really thinking about my eyes, but when I put my glasses on to drive to town today, everything looked blurry. I took the glasses off and everything was much clearer. I got so excited that I drove straight to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and retook my test. I could not believe it when they handed me the new license to sign and said I no longer had a driving restriction!

I got my glasses when I was 12, and could not even see the blackboard in school due to nearsightedness and astigmatism. In the last 2 years, due to vanity and getting older, I took my glasses off and just lived in a very blurry world except to drive and to go to the movies, when I would put the glasses back on.

I can't believe it! Just one more amazing and unexpected demonstration of the healing power of chi. The lady at the BMV asked if I had surgery. I said !!! Love to all of you that have helped me so much at the workshops and on the internet.


My ocular pressure was NORMAL for the first time in six or seven year


Hi, I just wanted to share some more miracles that happened for me to offer encouragement to people who may begin to doubt. I've only been practicing chilel since the middle of August. At that time, I had a life threatening auto-immune blood disease that was not getting very much better in spite of huge doses of steroids. After just 4 months of doing my daily practice, I'm off all medications and my blood counts are all NORMAL. (as of yesterday.) The other miracle is, after having a history of ocular pressure, I had an exam last week and my pressure was NORMAL for the first time in six or seven years. I was so scared in the waiting room because prednisone causes high ocular pressure which can cause glaucoma, and I have been on enormous doses of it. And when I was checked six months ago, my pressure was high. Logically, it would just stay high or get even higher since I've been on prednisone for almost a year, but now it's normal. How can this be? The only explanation is the qigong. Thank you God, thank you qigong, thank you all of you. Mimi (and I used to think normal was boring.)

You can understand why I don't miss a day of Chi-Lel qigong...

Jim Granade with Frank Chan

Yes, originally 40 pounds. However when I got down to 163 (weighed 203 at my

annual physical examination in July 1998) I started lifting weights 3 x week

and now average around 169 (more during holidays and vacations and less when

I am home and can keep to my routine). Yes, my arthritis disappeared as well.

I attribute these gains to wall squatting since I have been doing the Zhineng

Qigong since 1993, but it wasn't until I met Luke in December 1998 and he

introduced wall squatting that I got these benefits. Also, since 1981 I've

had problems with skin cancer. Going every 3 months to be checked and having

suspicious places frozen with Liquid Nitrogen and having at least one biopsy

per visit. I guess I have surgery at least 30 times since then for basal

cell, squamous cell, and melanoma cancers. However, at my last visit to the

Dermatologist (about six months ago, since my next appointment is 4/17) he

looked at his records and said I had not had a biopsy in two years and went

from 3 month to 6 month check ups. Also, at my last visit to Ophthalmologist

about 3 years ago, since I go every 3 years and next appointment is this

June, he decreased my eyeglass prescription which had been increased every 3

years since 1956. You can understand why I don't miss a day of Chi-Lel qigong.

The other wall squat story that I thought he may have referred to, was

when I demonstrated 100 wall squats using Tape 3A for my class. When I

finished and Luke's voice on the tape said "Congratulations!", I turned

around to the applause of my class. I told them, "If you want 100 wall squats

to seem effortless, do 200 the previous day." Luke liked that so much he

added it to my listing on the Directory of Teachers.




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