Healing Good News for Depression

A mighty ocean is made up of drops of water. A great healing chi-field is made up of individual healing stories. Every healing story is a story of love --the love of oneself and others through ups and downs. Every healing story is a story of  triumph -- the triumph of one's spirit over one's temporarily setback. Life is no guarantee. We love life as it comes.  

-- samples from "101 Miracles of Natural Healing"


I Would Do Anything If Only I Could Stay Here

Ms. Hu went into shock when her husband was killed in a coal mining accident in 1988. After that her health took a dive. She developed low blood pressure, anemia, stomachaches, and back pain. She couldn't raise her head because of a bone spur on one of her neck vertebrae.

"Three years later, just when I thought time was healing my wounds, another tragedy struck. This time I lost my mind. I was deeply depressed and needed someone to look after me around the clock."

"What happened, Ms. Hu?"

She looked down on the ground, said in a choking voice, "My son died."

A year later, my brother heard of the Center and brought me here. At first I cried each time my teacher asked me to relax and I couldn't remember the ChiLel movements because as soon as I learned them I forgot them immediately. But my teacher was very patient and supportive. Slowly I began to trust the people around me, and I also started to remember the movements.

"Even though I was much better after two months of ChiLel, I was still afraid to be left alone. Then one day during one of Lao-shi's speeches, I saw Lao-shi wave his hand in a sweeping motion. I suddenly felt as if his hand had gone through my head and my mind became instantly clear. A smile came to my face and I told my brother that he could go home now.

"After the third month, I was free to go. Yet I didn't want to leave and implored my teacher, 'I would do anything to stay here.' He replied that the Center was looking for a good housekeeper. 'I'll take the job!' I shouted with joy.

"When I went home for a visit, my relatives were surprised to see me alone, asking, 'How could you have come home by yourself?' They still regarded me as a confused soul!"

Like many others at the Center, Ms. Hu serves silently, contributing whatever she can to make this place a comfortable home for the weary and sick


I would do the 45 minute form, turn the tape over and do it again 3 or 4 times in a row

Hi... my name is Susan and I would like to respond to your idea of overcoming depression with Chi Lel. A few years ago I was fired from my job and I took the situation very personally. I was very angry and the consequences in my life seemed like a blur. I was unable to get over the situation for a long time, and it was over a year before I got another position. During my time off, I had all day to practice LCUPCD or wall squats, and it seemed like I was forever running into walls of time.... meaning I never had enough time and yet I had all the time in the world. I had to push myself daily to practice; I would do the 45 minute form, turn the tape over and do it again 3 or 4 times in a row. I felt drastic changes in my physical and emotional being during the practices, and eventually I was able to find some peace and reconciliation. It was not easy, and it probably took 6 months or so. I found that I was able to make clearer decisions, cope with my situation better, laugh a lot more. I am still practicing years later, and I would highly recommend having a Chi Lel time of day to practice for anyone facing emotional or physical challenges. It would be helpful to have a friend or someone to assist with motivation, because I found that to be one of the biggest prooblems ... always making excuses to do it later, and later never comes. Chi Lel can provide the energy and then it's up to me to provide the love in my life. Thanks for listening.... hao la !!


He does 6 directions La Chi every night before bed...

I am really responding for my husband, Stuart. He has had trouble with depression all of his life. He does 6 directions La Chi every night before bed, and he just cries and cries, silently, but I see that he is because he uses so many tissues! He feels so much better afterwards. I think this is probably the only thing besides sitting meditation that has ever helped his depression. you can write to him at LissomArt@AOL.com, if you would like to talk with him since this is all coming from my perspective. I'm sure he could tell you more about it all. In peace, Deborah Lissom

As I am now free of all symptoms...

Gay James

The primary reason I began to practice chilel in 1996 was because of anxiety/panic attack problems and the resulting depression that comes from dealing with this blockage. As you are experiencing, the beginning results are very subtle, but very positive, and I found that the more I relaxed with the practice and didn't try so hard to make it work, the better my progress became. I just kept at it, even with set backs, after all I was overcoming about 15 years of panic episodes that I didn't understand, so there was a lot to work through. I found that the condition comes from a chemical imbalance, and outside stress and pressures (in my case, caring for a long time ill mother) only aggravate the symptoms. So, since it came from an imbalance, I thought what better way to help myself than to practice toward a mind, body, spirit connection through chilel. It worked wonderfully, as I am now free of all symptoms (or if they come up in a mild form, easily worked through) and it happened because I've found a calm place, a storage for chi, that I can use when problems arise, and replenish with my practice. So, while a lot of the postings are about helping more definitely, obvious physical conditions, I hope that others will give advice on how to deal with the inner imbalances that can manifest in many other symptoms and conditions.

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