Healing Good News for Bone Fracture

A mighty ocean is made up of drops of water. A great healing chi-field is made up of individual healing stories. Every healing story is a story of love --the love of oneself and others through ups and downs. Every healing story is a story of  triumph -- the triumph of one's spirit over one's temporarily setback. Life is no guarantee. We love life as it comes.  





My son's Recovery

Irene Cohen, MD,  New York City

Hi Luke and Frank!
I just tried to send you a long email about Seth's recovery from his ankle 
fracture, but I think I lost the email (it doesn't appear on my "sent mail"), 
so I'll send it again. I wanted to document for you from start to finish how 
well he's been doing with the help of ChiLel.

As I reported before, Seth broke his ankle at summer camp on 7/30 in Boston 
and had to endure a long ride home to New York that night in a temporary 
cast. We listened to the Oceans of Love and Journey to H&H tapes the whole 
way home. I spent a lot of time doing Fa Chi to/with him until he went for 
surgery two days later. He broke three bones, the two lower leg bones (tibia 
and fibula) and the ankle bone (medial malleolus) was fractured straight 
through, going through the growth plate, which is important in a child, 
because if it doesn't heal right, the bone won't grow correctly. When I 
compared the xrays from 7/30 from Boston and the one taken in New York 
(7/31), the pieces of bone had moved very much closer together, only with the 
power of fa chi.

Seth had surgery and screws placed in his ankle (they are temporary) on 8/1. 
I spent the time of the surgery listening to various tapes (Chi Canopy, Hao 
La, Journey) and continually visualized that the ankle was healed. The 
doctors told me that on the post-operative xray the ankle looked as if there 
had been no fracture. They admired their handiwork I'm sure, but I knew that 
chi was working.

Seth had a very fast recovery, minimal pain, was discharged from the hospital 
a day early and had a great mental attitude. He was given a full leg cast. 
We did fa chi every day, he did a little LCUPCD with me, he did a lot of 
visualizations I had given him about the bone marrow knitting the bone 
together, imagining the bone cells healing and the bones being whole. He had 
feelings of chi during every session for three weeks - warm, cold, tingling, 
big, small - sometimes he said he felt the leg was so small that he could 
slide it out of his cast. After three weeks all the feelings of chi stopped, 
and I knew the ankle was all healed, but the MD said he should be casted for 
6 weeks and I wasn't going to argue about it.

He had his cast removed on 9/13 and the xray that day showed a perfectly 
normal looking ankle, as if there had never been any fracture. I''ve looked 
at a lot of xrays as a physician, and usually you can see evidence of an old 
fracture, but there was no such evidence on the xray.

He started physical therapy the next week, took a break because he went on a 
school trip for several days where he did such things as rock climbing with 
his crutches! Now after 7 physical therapy sessions (2 1/2 weeks) he is 
fully weight-bearing and no longer needs the crutches. His range of movement 
is not yet at 100%, but it is very close. We were originally told he 
wouldn't be able to walk on the foot for one month, but it's only 3 weeks 
now. We go back to the doctor next Tuesday for another check up and xray. 
Then he will have the screws taken out in 1-2 months. 

This has been an ordeal for me, as a mother, but Seth has done so well with 
this and his attitude has been great. He's faced all the challenges with 
ease and calmness, had no pain at all, adapted to the circumstances when he 
had to and made light of it the rest of the time. I really didn't hear a 
word of complaint out of him (pretty remarkable for a newly turned 13 year 
old who only spent one week at camp when the accident occurred).

This great gift of ChiLel Qigong has brought me so much more than I ever 
anticipated and here is another living example. 

Take care.
Irene Cohen

The Best Gift I Ever Gave My Son

Julie D. Kennicott, Houston, Texas

Last June before you came to Houston my brother came from California to see me because of my failing health. He was surprised to find me as well as I was. Previously I had gotten your video on Chi-Lel™ and had begun doing it daily. I then took your class at the end of June. By my birthday in August I was in better health than I have been in several years. We celebrated.

Julie Practices Chi-Lel™ at Home.
Shortly after that I contacted my son in Australia, sending him a compatible copy of the tape and the book. My son, Britt, had been in a serious car accident on June 23, 1995 and was hospitalized for three months. His pelvis had been broken in four places and the doctors did not feel he would benefit from surgery. The bones semi-knit together and he was still in excruciating pain 15 months later when I sent him the tape last September. He and his flat mate did "Lift Chi Up and Pour Chi Down" twice a day doing both the demo and the long version. As thrilled as he was about his returning strength he was equally thrilled by his depression lifting. His letter said this was the best gift I had ever given him!

He has now achieved one gong (100 days of consecutive daily practice) and has moved back to Melbourne where he's been able to resume work as a bricklayer. In proofreading this letter, Britt added, "This is particularly remarkable since the orthopedic surgeon told me the only kind of job I would be able to hold was one where I would be able to sit down and walk away when I couldn't sit down any longer. And now I can return to being a bricklayer carrying weight, bending down and standing up as needed." Most people agreed with the surgeon, never expecting him to recover.

Britt has always had confidence in his body's ability to heal when encouraged. Chi-Lel™ , though new to him, gave him that encouragement. I am proud of his tenacity and consistent hard work on this! The doctors cannot explain how it is possible that there is no X-ray evidence of even hairline fractures. Britt's right leg is one inch shorter than his left; X-rays show the displacement and deformity but the bone tissue is completely healed.

After getting to one gong he quit doing Chi-Lel™ . But started again two days later when the pain returned. This time he is doing "Three Centers Merging" again and doing both sets together. He has been a bricky, which is what they call him in Aussie, for three weeks without missing a day. Because his bones no longer have any sign of fracture he can safely go scuba diving. While the fractures were still there he could not dive without serious--even life threatening--risk. He wants to make a long term career of being a scuba instructor, and Chi-Lel™ has again made this a possibility. Thank you.

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