Healing Good News for Backpain

A mighty ocean is made up of drops of water. A great healing chi-field is made up of individual healing stories. Every healing story is a story of love --the love of oneself and others through ups and downs. Every healing story is a story of  triumph -- the triumph of one's spirit over one's temporarily setback. Life is no guarantee. We love life as it comes.  

My surgeon is dumbfounded

Stacy Kropp

Before going into my miraculous recovery, I must first thank Master Luke Chan, Frank Chan and everyone that attended the August 1999 Asheville, S.C. Retreat for having faith in me, helping through the hard times and sending me lots of loving chi!!!!!

In June 1999 I had a spinal fusion bringing a previous fusion from the S1 - L4 vertebrae all the way up to L2. Basically this means my back is a solid mass of bone and rods from the tailbone up to just below the rib cage. 2 Previous fusions had failed and I had now gone through my third surgery. Although my surgery was in June and the Chilel retreat was in August only 2 months later I made it to the retreat in my hard plastic body brace (similar to a body cast) and walker. Barely able to move around when I arrived at the retreat and in a lot of pain, I was also very depressed. The six days at the retreat were a major turning point in my recovery. I participated in the training that I could and visualized the movements I was unable to do. When the retreat was over I had already felt a tremendous increase in energy, was starting to walk around a lot more and by the time I arrived home in Florida I got rid of my walker.

 My post-op visit with my surgeon in Sept. was excellent. He said the fusion was starting to take place but it would be at least Dec. 1999 before it would be solid and I still had to stay in my body brace. I was allowed to return to limited work part-time. This entire time I've been practicing the lift chi up, push chi down and three centers merge and also do some la chi whenever I have a moment or two.

On Oct. 29th I went back to my surgeon even though I wasn't supposed to see him again until Dec. My back was hurting a lot and I thought I must have really messed up, to my and his surprise he took some x-rays and my fusion is completely solid!!!! The body brace is off and as soon as I took it off my back didn't hurt at all. I walked out of his office and since have still been practicing my chi daily and feel great. My surgeon is dumbfounded, but very, very happy for me. I still do not understand why my back was hurting, perhaps a sign for me to have the x-ray that showed it to be healed but I am out of the brace several months earlier than expected and feeling great!!!.


What Stacy visualizes to get result


I used the Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down / Three Centers Merge combo - Tape 2 -side A on a daily basis. So this was approx. 33 minutes. Then throughout the day whenever I thought about it I did La Chi without any tape.

 While doing the La Chi I would make my mind as blank as possible and within a few minutes a white light (sometimes a green light) would come into my mind and spiral around. I would also sometimes see my spine spinning with a white light entering the top of my spine and going down to the area of my fusion. While at the Asheville retreat I would get this same visualization (it was involuntary, I did not try to see my spine) the light at first would stop where my fusion was and then one day at the retreat the light continued all the way through my fused vertebrae to my tailbone. I shared this experience at the retreat when it happened. When this happened I also got very hot in the area of my fusion. After that, every time I did Three-Centers Merged Standing would get extremely hot from the Dantian through to the mingmen area (this also happens to be part of the area of my fusion). It was an uncomfortable feeling because I would get so hot my shirt would be soaked from perspiration, but only around that area. To this day I still get hot in this area when I do 3 centers merge. I now see a green light more than a white light when I do this.

I am now adding wall squatting to my practice. Another miracle is in this. I am able to get all the way down even though I have no movement in half my spine!

Now his life is changed.

Lynn Dean


Hi Luke and Chi-Friends!

Here's a small write up by Rhea Brown. He told me he had been in numerous car accidents and that he was just like the people in your book, 101 Miracles of Natural Healings. Now his life is changed.

He and his friend Johnny learned ChiLel from the video and didn't know any other practitioners for the first year of their practice. It was an incredible feeling when they first joined our full moon group. We were kindred spirits!

Rhea brought his pen and paper to the last full moon because he wanted to write when he was all chi-ed up! It was heart warming and indeed his sincerity makes us all grin.

He said he could rewrite it if necessary... I didn't want to change a word as I typed it in.

I feel blessed to have crossed paths with Rhea and Johnny and it is a tremendous treat that we can come together and practice ChiLel!


My back was diagnosed as degenerative and hopeless ...

Rhea Brown doing wall squats while his friend, Johnny, watching in the background.

Beloved fellow ChiLel practitioners:

If you could see my X-rays you would probably shake your head hopelessly like the doctors do. Having been to all the doctors and therapies, my back was diagnosed as degenerative and hopeless. I was on heavy pain medication and medication for cramps and spasms.

Friends-- when I started ChiLel it took me two weeks to do one wall squat but friends my condition started to improve immediately upon starting. Chi friends-- I am working on my sixth gong now and want you to know my back pain has receded greatly. I stopped my medication and my cramps (spasms) have stopped entirely.

Friends...ChiLel brought the miracle I needed and could be the answer to your prayers.

Remember--if you have back pain, it's probably that you are not doing enough wall squats.

ChiLel love

Rhea Brown

P.S. Also I have not had one sick day since I started ChiLel.



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