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A mighty ocean is made up of drops of water. A great healing chi-field is made up of individual healing stories. Every healing story is a story of love --the love of oneself and others through ups and downs. Every healing story is a story of  triumph -- the triumph of one's spirit over one's temporarily setback. Life is no guarantee. We love life as it comes.  

Recovering  from Allergy: Good News One: Lisa El-Kerdi

     Another Healing Gift to report: For 8 years, springtime in the Southwest has been a living nightmare due to severe Juniper allergies. For 2 years the doctor treated me with some of his strongest medications including systemic antihistimine-decongestents, nasal steroids, and opthalmic antihistimines.

     Even medicated I felt beyond miserable. Then, concerned about toxicity, I switched to Chinese herbs for 6 years. Honestly, in 8 years I never metanyone with symptoms as severe as my own.

     Now we are at the height of Juniper season - high winds, pollen blowing everywhere, many people suffering. I've had some symptoms the last couple of days, but the pollen counts are at near record levels and even the animals are sneezing. I have still not taken a single dose of medication and feel a greater than 90% improvement. Another miracle! Hao La!


Recovering  from Allergy: Good News two: B.J. Irving


  When I rid myself of my allergies, I merely said daily, "my allergies disappear". I would use these affirmations during all the repetitive motions such as push/pull, etc. Also, use it during your beginning and closing practice.


Since practicing Chi-Lel Qigong, my sinuses have cleared.

Posted by Angela on June 13, 2000

I have been allergic to dust and pollen for over thirty years. I got so used to my nose being plugged up that my body adapted by breathing through my mouth. Since practicing Chi-Lel Qigong, my sinuses have cleared. If I get a reaction from allergies, I have learned to focus and can consciously work with open/close to bring in chi to clear my sinuses. Every morning when I am driving to work, I take in deep breathes of fresh air through my nose and marvel at this miracle. It is a simple enough thing for the average person, but if you have not been able to do it for so long, it is an unbelievable achievement.

Yes, it works. Set your goals, believe in chi and keep up with practicing every day and it will happen.

No more allergies, colds/flu!

Deborah Lissom

Hi everyone, I have been wanting to post this message since last November when I had a great breakthrough at Frank's workshop. I have not until now because sometimes the results of workshops are hard to repeat, with all the chi and love and hours and hours of chi lel going on at a workshop! I have finally consistently gotten the same results at home by myself, so now I wanted to see if it would help anyone else.

I have had daily sore throats, especially in the winter, lived on antibiotics most of my life, have a very soft voice because it always hurt to speak loudly. In addition to that due to my (almost completely healed) kidney disease, my immune system was so shot that I had a cold/flu at least every other month and was in bed 4 days with that. My immune system is now so strong that I have not had a cold/flu in 1 year, 2 months, and 1 day!! And that is with my whole family in bed sneezing around me numerous times!

Now the sinus/allergy part. I never got rid of my sore throats, ear aches,  etc. however. Then last November at a workshop with Frank, we had done about an hour plus of cranes neck, dragons head, shrink neck, and some of the shoulder area forms from Mind & Body Method. Then we sat down to do la chi for about 30 minutes before lunch. At this workshop my throat was just raw, and I really was having a hard time concentrating. About 10 minutes into la chi, 3 pencil shaped lines of hot gold/red just shot through my nose and up my head, and my sore throat just disappeared! My whole head just cleared out. Before I could rarely even breathe through my nose. The next four days at the workshop, my head was clear as a bell and my throat did not even remotely hurt!

I went home and tried to cut the time down, trying to see what daily routine would keep my sinus/allergy problems at bay with a shorter routine. I now do about 5 minutes of cranes neck, dragons head, shrink neck every morning, and I have yet to have a sore throat or any related problems since November. I also do at least 30 minutes of la chi everyday to my kidney area, but I don't think that is a necessary component to help the sinus area. I also do those forms at work or any time I feel any stiffness or discomfort in that area. I guess I so aware of my neck and head now that whenever there is any tension of blockage in the energy flowing freely, I just start doing my routine, even if I only have 60 seconds before I have to go back to work. Actually, everyone at work has kind of gotten used to my stopping and doing a few wall squats or whatever when I feel locked up. They are actually starting to do them too, instead of just being embarrassed that I am doing them!

Anyway, you sinus sufferers, try it! See if it works for you. I have my kids doing it. Which is a feat since they are teenagers, and they have averted their usual sore throats to a great extent.

In the chi field, Deborah Lissom


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