Chi Visuals

Chi follows the mind and is the linkage between the mind and body. The power of the mind is manifested through the power of chi. Since there is no limitation of the imagination of the mind, it follows that the power of chi is boundless. Yet to move a boulder, we need to use a bulldozer and to stitch a cloth, we need to use a needle. In the same token, we need to use different tools to remove a tumor or to fuse a bone fracture. Since the mind is the boss and it must designs what tools to use and the chi becomes the tool and do the work to repair the body. We call these mind-made tools as chi visuals. 


"I Believe Chi Lel Literally Saved My Life."

David Hunter, Cleveland, OH

In October 1995, I was diagnosed as having hemochromatosis, a genetic condition that causes abnormal retention of iron. Untreated, this illness causes severe organ damage leading to death. My symptoms were liver damage and severe arthritis in my ankles.

The treatment for this is to have a pint of blood withdrawn weekly. Two doctors told me that it would take two years to return my iron levels to normal. However, after some initial success, the level declined only 500 points in four months. I was in constant pain and feeling helpless and hopeless when Chi Lel came into my life. I took the three-day intensive workshop in March. Almost immediately, the arthritis pain began to leave. I focused on my ankle healing as I did Lift Chi Up. In May, although there was steady improvement in my ankles, there was only a slight decline of 22 points of iron. Then I changed the imagery and saw chi coming in and iron leaving.

The doctor told me it would take four years to restore normal iron levels. By that time my liver could become cancerous so we went to taking two pints of blood a week. I continued to practice every day.

Only July 15th, I was tested again and was told that a drop of 300 points would be excellent. My level dropped 1,868 points. By September it dropped another 1,000 points which, although still high has put me out of danger. The arthritis has almost completely gone and my liver has made substantial recovery. I will continue to use Chi Lel for the rest of my life.

Thank you for sharing Pang Lao-Shi's knowledge and wisdom with the world.


My surgeon is dumbfounded

Stacy Kropp

Davie, FL

Before going into my miraculous recovery, I must first thank Master Luke Chan, Frank Chan and everyone that attended the August 1999 Asheville, S.C. Retreat for having faith in me, helping through the hard times and sending me lots of loving chi!!!!!

In June 1999 I had a spinal fusion bringing a previous fusion from the S1 - L4 vertebrae all the way up to L2. Basically this means my back is a solid mass of bone and rods from the tailbone up to just below the rib cage. 2 Previous fusions had failed and I had now gone through my third surgery. Although my surgery was in June and the Chilel retreat was in August only 2 months later I made it to the retreat in my hard plastic body brace (similar to a body cast) and walker. Barely able to move around when I arrived at the retreat and in a lot of pain, I was also very depressed. The six days at the retreat were a major turning point in my recovery. I participated in the training that I could and visualized the movements I was unable to do. When the retreat was over I had already felt a tremendous increase in energy, was starting to walk around a lot more and by the time I arrived home in Florida I got rid of my walker.

 My post-op visit with my surgeon in Sept. was excellent. He said the fusion was starting to take place but it would be at least Dec. 1999 before it would be solid and I still had to stay in my body brace. I was allowed to return to limited work part-time. This entire time I've been practicing the lift chi up, push chi down and three centers merge and also do some la chi whenever I have a moment or two.

On Oct. 29th I went back to my surgeon even though I wasn't supposed to see him again until Dec. My back was hurting a lot and I thought I must have really messed up, to my and his surprise he took some x-rays and my fusion is completely solid!!!! The body brace is off and as soon as I took it off my back didn't hurt at all. I walked out of his office and since have still been practicing my chi daily and feel great. My surgeon is dumbfounded, but very, very happy for me. I still do not understand why my back was hurting, perhaps a sign for me to have the x-ray that showed it to be healed but I am out of the brace several months earlier than expected and feeling great!!!.


Update: April 2, 2001 by Tracy Kropp

      My oh my, so much has happened since we've last seen each
other. I will
keep this short as I know you are busy.  My healing is unbelievable. I am
able to move & do things I never expected and haven't been able to do since I
was 17. Now at 37 it seems like a lifetime ago.  I will never forget the
healing circle at the retreat when you took my hand and walked me through the
healing circle (without my walker, a first since my surgery). The sensation
was overwhelming and will stay with me my entire life. Any way, enough said.
Frank asked me to send you a brief bio, so here goes...

Two months after having a third spinal fusion which spans from my S1 - L5
vertebrae ( tailbone to just below the bottom rib), I was told that the
fusion was not taking and I would have to have another fusion if the
situation did not change. Being that my first surgery was when I was only 17
years old and I was now 36 and had gone through half of my life in
excruciating pain and limited mobility, I became depressed and didn't know
where to turn. A loved one suggested Qigong, and from there my healing
journey began.

With bone, rods and a hard body brace holding me together, I was barely able
to move. With the help of a walker and determined not to go through any more
surgery I made my way to a Chi Lel Qigong retreat. With very limited mobility
and in excruciating pain I spent most of the time lying on the sofa off to
the side of the class, doing the movements I was able to do and visualizing
the movements I was physically unable to do.  It was at this retreat,
learning the foundations of Qigong that my healing began.  

Today, fully recovered and with mobility that is unexplainable according to
my Doctors I am pain free and on a journey to bring Qigong to anyone that
wants to learn.  I am currently Certified as a Level 1 Chi Lel Qigong teacher
and am rearranging my life to pursue my dream of spreading Qigong and helping

What Stacy visualizes to get result


I used the Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down / Three Centers Merge combo - Tape 2 -side A on a daily basis. So this was approx. 33 minutes. Then throughout the day whenever I thought about it I did La Chi without any tape.

 While doing the La Chi I would make my mind as blank as possible and within a few minutes a white light (sometimes a green light) would come into my mind and spiral around. I would also sometimes see my spine spinning with a white light entering the top of my spine and going down to the area of my fusion (it was involuntary, I did not try to see my spine). While at the Asheville retreat I would get this same visualization (it was involuntary, I did not try to see my spine) the light at first would stop where my fusion was and then one day at the retreat the light continued all the way through my fused vertebrae to my tailbone. I shared this experience at the retreat when it happened. When this happened I also got very hot in the area of my fusion. After that, every time I did Three-Centers Merged Standing would get extremely hot from the Dantian through to the mingmen area (this also happens to be part of the area of my fusion). It was an uncomfortable feeling because I would get so hot my shirt would be soaked from perspiration, but only around that area. To this day I still get hot in this area when I do 3 centers merge. I now see a green light more than a white light when I do this.

I am now adding wall squatting to my practice. Another miracle is in this. I am able to get all the way down even though I have no movement in half my spine!



Now I no longer get migraine headaches



: : For those that don't know me, I have suffered from chronic migraine since I was 5 ( only 20 years so far :) but since I have been practicing, I have seen a "huge" decrease in the number of headaches and the severity. So until yesterday, I had not gotten a migraine for about 3 weeks which seems like forever. So yesterday came as a big shock, but instead of getting discouraged about it I got excited, because this would be a good way for me to give Luke feedback on his new tape. So I came home, and popped it into the stereo. Needless to say, that tape is so awesome. I just allowed myself to totally let go and allowed my head to totally let go. After about 20 minutes of the tape I was so relaxed and so involved in the whole "chi" thing, I didn't even realize that my headache was gone. I don't know when it left but it did and for anyone that has ever had a migraine, it seemed shocking to me that I didn't notice it leaving. All that aside, the tape really helped me to concentrate in a time when I didn't even want to think much less do La Chi to a tape. The affirmations and visuals on the tape led me through it so I could focus on "headache chi" disappearing and that made all the difference to me. I wonder what "headache chi" looks like? Oh well, Just thought I would share. Love to all Becci

I was just thinking this morning, as I was getting ready for work. I was in the bathroom, in front of the mirror and as I slid the medicine cabinet door open and saw my "old" prescription bottles sitting in there - I was reminded that I can't even remember the last time I had a migraine! :) I am so close to being able to say - " I used to get chronic migraines" and it really awes me. I mean only a year ago, I had a neurologist tell me, at 23 years old, that there was nothing else he could do for me - if he could only see me now. lots of love and only 8 days to go until my first 100 days is complete! :) Becci

Hi - I have also gotten rid of migraines by using ChiLel. I used to get them everyday - almost no moments of relief but I learned to live with them taking daily medication. When I found ChiLel though, I stopped all my medication and found that after about a month I only got them a couple days a week and they were less severe, and as I kept practicing they gradually decreased until now I no longer get migraine headaches. When i was still getting them though, I used to sit and listen to the Journey tape, in the dark and start doing La Chi. I would gather enough healing chi between my hands that I could "feel" it and then would deliver that to my head. I would do this over and over and my headaches would disappear. So when you make the decision to quit all meds or get to the point where no meds seem to work anymore - try doing La Chi. It is very quiet, very little movement, and you can do it in the dark so there is not a lot of light to bother your head. Turn the tape on low and start practicing - it worked for me and was a huge breakthrough that I knew I could defeat them if they did come. Much loving chi to you all!!! Becci


                Here is Becci’s La Chi visualization: As I pull my hands apart I visualize that my hands are out in the starry sky and as I bring them together again, I bring in all of the chi (huan yan chi)  as the stars and they form a large glowing mass between my hands.  Each time it gets larger and stronger and when it has reached a really strong, large ball of chi - I take that ball and deliver it to wherever I have pain or stress and visualize it washing over the area and changing all of the pain/stress to a glowing area of huan yan chi.  Then I repeat that again - growing a large glowing ball and then deliver it to the area of need.  It becomes a glowing penetrating ball that almost pulsates with healing  energy.


Recovering  from Allergy: Good News 

  B.J. Irving

  When I rid myself of my allergies, I merely said daily, "my allergies disappear". I would use these affirmations during all the repetitive motions such as push/pull, etc. Also, use it during your beginning and closing practice.

That I would just transform, and no matter what your religion or views, death is a transformation of energy.

Posted by Deborah Lissom on February 05, 19101 at 12:02:25:

I feel like I know you since I did chi lel with you all summer and fall, like a mist, there inside me, absorbing and releasing while I did la chi....

I want tell you about my experience with panic attacks so that maybe it could help you too. My kidneys were deteriorating and I would sob and be so afraid of death that I would just sit there crying and shaking. Finally, I let go of my first fear, that my young
children would have no one to love them, when my 25 year old daughter agreed to take care of them.

I let go of my 2nd fear (afraid of death) when I realized that I would not lose anything if I died. That I would just transform, and no matter what your religion or views, death is a transformation of energy. So, I realized that my own child could be hit by a car and die the next day, that all of us are impermanent, like a leaf falling from a tree, and we become something else.

That helped me let go, accept that when my time to die came, that I could go with love in my heart, and not resentment for what my ego thought I was losing.

Then I started to heal. Now thanks to chi lel, I have my life back, and I have a new career, teaching chi lel! But.... I don' think I could start to heal until I let go of my fear of death.

If you connect with any of this, I am grateful. If your panic is different, then I will still keep you in my chi lel practice, knowing that you will find the answer and finish your healing.
My heart to you,

Dear Deborah, 

I just had to thank you for your beautiful commentary on life and death. I'm sure it will help many of us, not only with panic attacks, but with just the ongoing, as well as unexpected fear that pervades our minds when we consider death. We don't even like to say it. But letting the fear go, as you say, allows the body and mind to relax and to heal. Much loving, healing chi.NancyCA

 The heart of a child

Deborah Lucas

Thank you for sharing the amazing healing of that little boy. Because of Margot's struggle, he was healed. I think it is harder for adults to completely let go and to just trust. We all need to become child-like in our hearts, and sometimes we just need to feel safe.  Any time HyoChul does not feel quite well, he just wants to be held. I think he just needs to feel safe, and when he does he doesn't worry so much about not feeling right. Margot may be an adult, but I am sure she has the same need. Just hold her and love her, try to let go of your own fears of losing her and just pour out love and reassurance. Much loving Chi and prayer to both of you - always - Deborah

 Visualizations of Chi is fairly personal

Eva Lew

Visualizations of Chi is fairly personal. Luke Chan has several favorites that might help you get started. When you are moving your arms down to deliver chi from the top of the head, imagine that your body is a transparent vase. The chi can be star dust, a spiral of light, a stream of light, or a column of light. I usually visualize a column of golden light or a spiral of golden light.



The Cancer Healing Journey of  A National Champion Swimmer 

        Ginny Walden, Honolulu, Haiwaii

Aloha Friends!

Here is my complete Testimonial, up to date, as of 4-30-2000. As a child I was an avid swimmer and athlete. When I was 17, I was training for the 1964 Olympics and broke the national record for the 1500 meter Freestyle. All my life I was health conscious. I did not smoke or eat a lot of junk food. For a period I drank alcohol lightly. My diet was full of vegetables and fruits and not a lot of meat, but I did eat dairy, sweets and red meat. When I was 21 I moved from NY to Santa Fe, NM to pursue my calling as an artist. Now at 53 I have been a sculptor, classical and flamenco guitarist, and an unconventional teacher for over 30 years. Then in August 1997 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Advanced breast cancer.Actually,2 years before my healing had begun. At that time I let go of some destructive patterns in my life and began to feel truly happy. So when they told me I had had cancer 8-10 years I couldn't connect with the illness. I told my doctors that just because I now knew that I had cancer for ten years didn't mean I was going to stop being happy! So I began treatment with a positive attitude. The oncologist said with great seriousness that the AMA now approves a positive attitude. I laughed and asked "And how much does that cost?." A native American shaman told me that if I knew I had cancer ( in other words I am not in denial) and I could not "connect" to it, then it has no home, no place to land, and that it would leave my body. Also I went to talk to Dorje, a Tibetan monk connected with the Dalai Lama in Santa Fe. I asked him about cancer. He said "Ginny, do not be fearful. Fear increases illness. Do whatever medicine you choose, it does not matter. Just be joyful, be happy! Do what makes you happy!". This appealed to me so I maintained a truly joyful attitude throughout the next 9 months of treatment.

Being mystical by nature but also having an inquiring mind I was praying to the Universe that I would not have to go through treatment and was searching through alternative therapies. The doctor was strongly against this and said I would be dead if I chose alternative. That was a strong fear message and I wondered why he didn't just say "let's try everything!". He said I had an aggressive cancer and needed surgery,3 months of chemotherapy (Adriamyicin and Taxol, a  bit higher than normal dose), stem cell rescue and 6000 rads of radiation. I started praying and decided to begin acupuncture. My acupuncturist (I called him my "real" doctor) knew how to treat cancer patients. He suggested I lower my high stress levels by taking his Mind Body Stress Reduction program which entailed a little yoga, meditation and a body scan(1 hour a day) I brought my stress levels down 60%.I also chose a macrobiotic diet for breast cancer (Michio Kushi, The Cancer Prevention Diet) and cut out dairy, red meats and animal fats, sugar, stimulants and foods that create mucus. Then I went into surgery. The surgeon did not believe in mastectomy. She said cancer cells are left in the body anyway. Her specialty was large breast tumors and I am grateful for a small scar only 1.5 inches long! She took out a tumor from my right breast the size of an orange and found 21 out of 23 lymph nodes positive. She had to sever the nerve in my right arm to get the lymph nodes. I was diagnosed with a Grade 1 slow growing cancer, ductal carcinoma, Stage 3 Advanced breast cancer.

I stopped chemotherapy after the first week to research more alternatives. The doctor was alarmed saying no-one stops chemo, but I insisted I needed 2 weeks to do more research on alternatives. He did say I had a slow growing cancer so I figured I could take off two weeks. But I could not find anything that would (note) convince my MIND that something other would work, so I continued treatment. I sailed through 3 months of chemo with no nausea, a good appetite, no diarrhea and my blood counts stayed normal! I attribute this to acupuncture (balancing of CHI) and his MBSR program (also balancing CHI). The nurses were amazed that my blood counts stayed normal. Then after a short break, I started stem cell rescue. Meanwhile I made a cassette of "Don't Worry Be Happy" by Bobbi McFerrin and played it continuously daily to keep my spirits up. Stem cell rescue is a rigorous and dangerous procedure. I insisted in going as an out patient to the clinic. I did not choose to be in the hospital because I thought I might be more vulnerable to infection there. This time they take out 5 bags of induced harvest of stem cells through a port in my neck and freeze them. Then they give me 3 High Dose Chemo drugs a day,8 hours a day, for 2 days. After that supposedly a majority of cancer cells( IF they are there, they really can't measure) are killed off (as well as all fast growing cells like the lining of my digestive system and white blood cells!) and they give me back the stem cells, hopefully" new blood". A good plan but unfortunately many die from the procedure.

I got nauseas, fainted twice, couldn't eat, got endless nosebleeds and internal bleeding. But I laughed the whole way through it! It was so bizarre and so outside my experience as an athlete and healthy person I just couldn't relate to it. After the High Dose Chemo they give the stem cells back and it takes 10 days for the new blood to function. On the ninth day I got a slight fever. Because my white blood cell counts were below 50 (and maybe 1,since they cannot measure below 50!) I had no way to protect myself from infection so I was put into the hospital. The nurses there said it was unheard of to come in on the ninth day! In the hospital, they told me I would be there a month and a half or two before my blood counts would rise to a safe level. I was in an isolation room with red flags on the door to indicate I was neutropoenic and vulnerable to infection. So I could not have visitors and would be alone a lot. I said to myself, I can do this, and proceeded to fix up my room. It was 10 o'clock at night. All was quiet and I went into the bathroom to wash from the sink. I looked into the mirror and I saw Tweetie Bird. I was bald for the second time, had lost 12 pounds, had dark hollows under my eyes and pale skin. In that moment a miracle happened. My mother was unable to give me unconditional love .When I was 2 months old she threw me around. Where does the fear go? Into the cells and it stays locked there until someday I give myself that unconditional love. I believe this is the underlying condition that was my dis-ease. I needed to really love me. In that moment I felt this deep compassion for my body. Tears came down my cheeks as I slowly and gently bathed my body the way a mother would bathe an infant. I pressed the hot washcloth against my skin with love and compassion. Each touch was full of CHI. (I was doing Chi-Lel and did not know it yet.) Afterwards I felt lighter and happy.

 I went to bed and I said to the Universe: "I know I will get through this, and when I do I want to help with healing others. There are too many people suffering through cancer treatment. I want to help. Show me how and I will do it. My life will feel totally fulfilled. "Then I went to sleep and I had a dream. The Dalai Lama came to me in a tall triangular crystal. He had his hands in a praying position and looked up at me and said "Now Ginny, remember, BE JOYFUL!" I woke up at sunrise that morning feeling energetic and happy. I danced around the room singing "Don't Worry Be Happy". The nurse came in and took my blood as usual. The Italian doctor came in to check the report. He threw his hands up into the air in surprise exclaiming "WHAT!?" and the nurses came running. He said "Yesterday her white blood cell counts were 600,now they are 13,000! How can that be?" The nurses said they dad seem stem cell rescue patients for 5 years and had never seen this! The next day my counts were 22,000 and I was sent home. I was in the hospital a total of 4 days! How do I explain this? I believe it was CHI. After this two people in my cancer support group went through the same procedure. They both died.

Recovering from this I still believed that my body could heal itself. Iwas looking for a common denominator that could heal my immune system. When you ask you get an answer. A friend said to try Spinal Qigong. She had had a uterine tumor (malignant) 15 years ago. She was taught by the top master in the USA and she practiced 5 hours a day. In two months she went through a lot of pain but her tumor disappeared completely. She continued to practice for 2 years. She never did any other treatment. To this day she is cancer free. I thought that this was for me. We did 20 minutes doing 4 exercises using breathing and arm circular movements but there was no engagement of the mind. I was weak from chemo toxins. My knees and joints hurt, I got dizzy and was very weak and found this difficult to do. Then my acupuncturist gave me the video and book on Chi-Lel  Qigong. I watched the video. When I saw that bladder tumor disappear in less than 40 seconds and when I saw the students who were healed giving back to others , I knew I had found what I was looking for. I started practicing immediately. When you find what you ask for everything begins to flow.

A remote friend of a friend called from L.A. to tell me Luke Chan wasdoing a workshop there. She lived 10 minutes from the workshop, I could stay at her house and use her extra car. All I needed was a plane ticket. That week a sculpture sold and I went to my first Chi-Lel Qigong Workshop. I beamed at Luke the whole time. I felt energized, happy and knowing in my heart of hearts that CHI was the common denominator I was looking for. Luke took me aside and gave me some advice. He said "Ginny, because you believe in CHI and because I know you will do the work, if you do THREE Wall Squats a day for 100 days in succession, your cancer WILL go into remission." He had seen it happen before. He also said because the video account of the bladder tumor disappearing got my spirits up that I could visualize those doctors' hands, Dr. Pang Ming's hands and lots of hands delivering chi to me while I am waiting on the bed for the radiation beam. Then when the beam went on to see cobalt blue sky coming into my breast area. I did this faithfully each treatment. They told me I was getting 6'000 rads (1000 rads will kill you if given all at once!) over a period of 6 weeks,5 days a week. They said I would get severely burned and to prepare. So I bought some Chinese burn ointment. At the same time I re-discovered my spoons I had "bent" 15 years ago. I realized this was gross evidence of CHI at work and this increased my belief. If a thought could bring CHI into that spoon and bend it, what would it be doing in my body to cancer cells? So each day they zapped me 4 times with radiation I visualized. I also had started my 100 day gong of :30 LCUPCD daily and attempting Wall Squats. At the end of 6 weeks, the last day of treatment, the tech looked hesitantly under my gown and looked puzzled. She asked Ginny, you are hardly even pink! Are you visualizing?" I said "Yes! Like Mad!" and she said they had one other patient who was a red-head with fair skin who didn't get burned either. She went to a hypnotist. This is another account of the Mind-Body connection and its healing validity.

In June 1998 my treatment was over and I began to repair myself, taking supplements, doing the Blood Type diet, resting and practicing Chi-Lel faithfully every day. I was doing :30LCUPCD in the morning and evening, 10-25 Wall Squats daily with some trouble with joint pain from chemo toxins, and La Chi :30 daily (1.5 hrs) and slowly working up to the recommended 3 hrs. a day for cancer. I was also reading the stories of the 101 Miracles daily. This sustained my belief and gave me the spirit to get through the hard days. Within 2 weeks after treatment I was swimming a mile a day. A month later I made a steep 3 hour climb up a mountain and was not even sore the next day! (As an athlete I know that I get sore after a long period of time with no exercise.) How could this be? It had to be CHI unblocking in my body.

Then after 5 months practice I experienced pain in my right breast where the lumpectomy was, pain in my sternum bone, slight swelling under my right arm and I couldn't extend my right forearm completely and felt the fascia like tight runner bands, and there was large swelling between my thumb and forefinger (an important acupuncture point). What was this? Cancer coming back? I felt the fear programming try to come back in. Should I go to my oncologist? I decided not to. I knew he would program my mind back into that fearful place. Instead I decided to have faith in the first story in the book about Teacher Ren and how he held his arms up for 8 hours and healed his heart. If he could hold his arms up so long , maybe I could attempt :30 of Push Pulls! So I started with that form and the La Chi with Chi Massage on the breast area using:30 continuing to do 100 Wall Squats a day and :30 LCUPCD twice daily. Then when I was doing the Chi Massage I experienced the "chi worm" effect. First my palm got so hot it felt like it like as hot as an iron! I sent the Chi in with compassion for the area, tell in it it was ok, well, cured, cancer gone. Then I felt this worm-like movement burrowing through my breast tissue. Wherever it went the pain disappeared. The Push-Pulls were very difficult to do because I felt pain in my shoulders I would do as many as I could, then put may hands on my navel and rest, then attempt more until I completed :30 minutes. Again, Teacher Ren's story sustained me. After 3 weeks everything returned to normal. I had healed myself! This was totally self-empowering.

Meanwhile people were coming to my house to join me in the practice. Others began feeling results. We practiced together using the video. I went to my first retreat in October 1998 at Sedona. I broke the barrier and did :45 Wall Squats. It was an exhilarating workshop and I decided to become an instructor. I increased my hours to three daily and focused on Push-Pulls to prepare for my next retreat. Meanwhile my medical reports showed no evidence of cancer. I was in remission!

My femur neck bones however showed considerable weakness while my spine was stronger than normal for my age. The doctor was puzzled. I figured it was Chi effects. At one point I was determined to bring my blood counts back to normal (after stem cell they stay at a lower range) and I got "obsessed". Then my blood counts actually went down! So Luke advised not to be obsessed because it blocks the Chi. He said just keep doing it and enjoying the practice and do not expect anything. I took his advice. Slowly I detoxed, hot flashes went away, I slept soundly, my energy came back rather quickly, my weight regulated. I experienced Chi effects like pain in the ankles, joint pain, lots of sweats, meridians sparking and popping and buzzing, tingling in palms and surges of heat in several areas during the day or night. Food tasted really good and my appetite was normal. Two planters warts disappeared which was an indication my immune system was well. My heart opened , I still feel joy daily and like everyone is my family.

I went to the Glen Ivy Retreat in March 1999 and became a certified instructor. I taught over 800 people in Santa Fe, New Mexico with many positive results. Then I went to China with Sal Debari that June for 2 weeks. We received healing Chi from 7 different Chi-lel masters. We met Jin Lao-Shi and he looked at me and said I had healed myself of cancer!( He had just healed 51 people in 50 days of cancer!) I saw Sals swelling lymph node on his neck disappear in ten minutes when Jin Lao-Shi sent Chi to him. The masters said they would continue to send Chi to me at 4:30 daily for one month when I returned to NM. Each day I sat down and received Chi from them and felt Chi tingles up through my palms and all over my body all the way from China!

Then I got the calling to move to Hawaii to continue my healing and to teach Chi-Lel. I am also that much closer to China. (I will never forget the joyful loving spirit of the seven masters and the wonder of that experience!). It is two years and eight months since my diagnosis and I am still cancer free! Now in Hawaii I have gone to another level of healing: the emotional plane. I am also still detoxing from radiation. But my body is stronger than before I had cancer and my energy is steady and full. My emotions have been clearing away old patterns. At first I cried a lot, during Wall Squats especially. Now after 9 months in Hawaii I feel refreshed and renewed and balanced on the emotional plane. I went through some difficult times here and the Chi-Lel practice sustained my energy and emotional balance. I am instructing here and many are responding. There is a strong request and energy going toward creating a retreat center here for Chi-Lel. The Aloha here is like being among Chi-Lel people; no judgments, just a lot of love and joy and support. I practice daily 3-4 hours a day and I am curious to see where Chi-Lel is going to take me! My whole life has changed dramatically for the better.

My physical health is now just a small part of this change. I feel like I have something to give back, just like the teachers that moved me on the video. Now I am one of those teachers and I know why we want to give back. My life feels totally fulfilled as I make real the promise I made in the hospital. I find what makes Chi-Lel so effective is the sustained interest for the mind through the use of the audio tales. This must be the key. I learned a fact recently that it is now proven that the cells of the brain and the cells of the immune system are THE SAME CELLS! This means the immune system has a brain. When we talk to our bodies, our bodies listen. This is the wisdom and power of Chi-Lel. I am using this in group healing as a focus as well as in my own practice, using affirmations that focus on the result, and how does the mind see this visually? I can use on all levels: physically, emotionally and spiritually. The mind is serving Chi. I am full of gratitude daily for Chi-Lel and see this practice as on the crest of the wave for mind-body healing. Thank you, Mahalo  Nui Loa, Dr.Pang Ming for this gift and for my life.

I think about the great joy, hope and love they felt for their son as he regained his ability to move his arms and legs.

Deborah Lissom

I have cysts all over my kidneys and liver. they have been reduced by about 80%, and all my other symptoms of the disease have gone away.

Of all of the chi lel I do everyday, I think this helps the most in dissolving the cysts.. I do la chi over my navel or in the back to my kidneys, and while I am releasing and absorbing I am also focusing on something that makes me feel great love. Lately, I have been using the image of the little boy in New Zealand that Richard talked about when his brain tumor was completely dissolved (see forum about 2 weeks ago). I think about the great joy, hope and love they felt for their son as he regained his ability to move his arms and legs. That fills me with so much love thinking about my own children that my hands just fill with chi and my kidneys and liver start tingling and shrinking. It is a wonderful feeling.

My Path to Health and Happiness

Judy Bayliss

Palmyra, PA


I was very skeptical about that first Chi-Lel ™ Qigong workshop.  I was interested in Qigong and had been for some time.  In fact, I'd bought a book a few years ago, but like most things I start, I never finished the book.  OK, let's be honest, I never even finished the first chapter!

  When my friend Judi talked about the benefits of Qigong, (she even quit smoking!) it reawakened my interest.  I did a search on the Internet looking for a class.  There were no classes in my area …… and the only web site I found was about a 'miracle hospital' where they cure people

without medicine…. People with life-threatening illnesses…  people with terminal diseases…………yeah right!  Just one more scam for the gullible.

  So I forgot about my hope for self-improvement.  Not that I didn't need self-improvement!  I have a variety of back problems: curvatures in the lower and upper back, a degenerated disc, arthritis in the spine and my pelvis is out of alignment. I'd been in constant pain for nearly ten years.  My range of movement was shrinking, some things I could no longer do, many things I learned to do differently, some things I just had to do in pain. The most ordinary, everyday things were painful: getting dressed,

personal hygiene, standing up from a seated position, sitting down from a standing position, making love.  The list is endless.

 There were different types of pain, sometimes the stabbing 'ice-pick in the spine', the rest of the time the constant dull presence. Sometimes my body would jack-knife, I learned to walk and move carefully, the slightest uncontrolled movement could cause pain and/or spasm. I ruined my stomach with pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications and finally reached the point where I could no longer tolerate anything that might take the edge off.  I'd tried Kunkalini, Hatha and Kripalu Yoga, Tai Chi, and Chiropractic treatments in addition to physical therapy and traditional medicine.  Didn't help.  I just had to live with it.

  I'd even gotten shorter.  I've always been 5'3", but a few years ago it was discovered that I'd shrunk an inch.  No signs of osteoporosis, the loss of that inch was due to the missing disc and muscle weakness.  My height was stable at 5'2" for the next 4 years. Then I invited myself along when Judi mentioned another Qigong workshop.  It was then that I realized she was saying Chi-Lel ™.  So I did another Internet search and found the Chi-Lel ™ web site.

You guessed it.  It was that same web site about the miracle cures.  I felt my spirits plummet, and wondered what I had gotten myself into. But then I thought, I've known Judi for over 30 years, I trust her judgment and intelligence.  I decided to go ahead and go to the

Oakwood retreat, but promised myself I'd steer clear of anything that sounded like a pyramid plan, not get talked into high-priced supplements etc. I'd just go, get the good out of it and ignore the rest.

  So I went with high hopes.  But that first night, when Luke led us through healing circles, once again I thought "Oh great, what have I gotten myself into?!"  But even though I was skeptical I took part in everything. I got up the next morning, went to breakfast, and then had my first introduction to 'Lift Chi Up, Pour Chi Down'.  At last, the stuff I had come for!

  When I bent down that first time, I could only get my hands down to the level of my knees.  But when I came back up……. It was with a huge smile on my face……….. because I DID come back up!  Just using my back, without having to 'walk' my hands up my thighs to push myself up, without having to find a chair or something to push off of.  It had been YEARS since I'd been able to do that, I couldn't believe it was happening. And then I realized when I'd gotten dressed that morning, it hadn't been the slow, painful process it normally was.  And morning was always my stiffest and most painful part of the day!

  By the end of the Oakwood retreat, I was able to get my hands about half-way down my calves.  And still come back up each and every time!  I was so excited!

  I continued to practice every single day and saw many improvements as time went on.  It's been over a year now, I still can't put my hands on my feet, but I can get them to about 2 inches above my feet.  I'm flexible, I have stamina, I have strength.  Dressing, showering,

everything that used to be so difficult and painful is a snap now!  It's been a long time since I've experienced any back pain at all.

  Recently we moved and not once did the several hours, day after day, of carrying heavy boxes and moving furniture ever cause me any pain or soreness.

  This past July, when I went in for my annual check-up, the nurse measured me, looked at the chart, jimmied the lever up and down a few times to make sure she had it all the way against my head, flattened my hair down, looked at the chart again……… Finally she said she didn't understand why, but I'd regained half an inch!  I just smiled………. and felt very tall!

  During the year since I started practicing Chi-Lel ™ Qigong, I've never missed a single day, and don't plan to, ever!  October 3, 1998 is a date I'll always remember, that's the day I found my path to health and happiness.

I hope to become an instructor and help other people discover this wonderful tool that changed my life so much.  There are so many people that need it and would benefit by it, and I need to give something back.



What does Judy practice every day?

My daily practice for the past year has been the 21-minute Lift Chi Up, Pour Chi Down, frequently followed by 3-Centers Merge in the morning, and in the evening I try to do something, even if it's just a 'quickie' version (maybe 10 minutes?) of LCUPCD. 

  And of course the Full Moon tape each month.  (and the very infrequent wall squat...... I think 20 is the most I've ever done but I'm determined to change that!)

  What I think about before & after doing LCUPCD is increasing flexibility & strength in my back.  While I do the form I just think about blue sky and Chi going into my body. 

When I do 3-Centers Merge, I do something similar to what's on the Full Moon tape, go down through my body, system by system, organ by organ, part by part and think of healing Chi pouring through.

  I think an important key for me has been to 'just do it' every day, no matter how pressed for time, or how tired I might be.  I know how easy it would be to 'lose' a habit if I were to skip even one day, I'm not going to let that happen with this.


 I am pleased to say all went well.

Friday, February 23, 2001
Just got home from having the bladder surgery.  I did the exercises before going to the hospital and listened to the journey tape while waiting at the hospital.  I am pleased to say all went well.  I feel good except for some bladder discomfort during urination which would be expected.  My understanding from the doctor is that my bladder is now free of disease.  I believe that I can keep it that way with ChiLel, stress reduction, diet and taking some time off from my work.  Thank you for your help. 



My Wife, Please Don't Let Our Friends Laugh at Us

Ms. Liu, a mother of two young children, was worried when she was hospitalized for diabetes, accompanied by bad vision, no appetite, high blood pressure, chest pain, and a rapid heart rate. Although she was still feeling sick, the doctors sent her home, telling her she needed plenty of rest.

"They said, 'don't worry about anything, don't do vigorous exercises, and of course don't forget to take your medicine.' How could I not worry? How would I take care of my children if I continued to be sick like this? Would I be sitting at home doing nothing for the rest of my life? But what could I do? I had heard that diabetes is a disease that accompanies people to their graves.

"Then one day a neighbor told me that many people with diabetes had been cured at the ChiLel Center. Upon hearing such a good news, I immediately told my husband about it, expecting him to share my excitement.

"'ChiLel?' my husband snorted with contempt, 'Don't you know our neighbor? She's a liar. If there were such a way to treat diabetes, why haven't the doctors told us? I know that you're anxious to get well, but my wife, please don't let our friends laugh at us.' After listening to my husband's 'sensible' talk, I abandoned the idea of going to the Center.

"However, my condition continued to deteriorate, reaching a point where I couldn't even go down a flight of stairs. Now my husband began to feel the effect of my illness as he had to take care of the whole household. So when our neighbor mentioned the Center again, my husband's attitude had changed and he asked me to try it.

"My husband escorted me to the Center three months ago. In the Center, my illnesses didn't frighten me anymore because I witnessed many people with even worse diseases being cured. With a belief that I could heal myself, I practiced ChiLel assiduously for eight hours or more a day. By the end of the first month, my heartbeat had slowed down, my chest pain had disappeared and the sugar levels in my blood and urine had decreased. By the end of the second month, my heart had returned to normal and my diabetes was gone. I felt energetic and could eat and drink."

"What did you think about when you were practicing ChiLel?"

"I would imagine my entire body becoming permeable to chi while affirming repeatedly to myself that I was a healthy person."

"In other words, you were willing to open yourself up for life energy, chi, to enter your body?"

"Yes, when I opened up to the universal energy, my illnesses disappeared and I returned to my natural state."

Indeed, Ms. Liu had returned to a state of happiness and well being.



I picture in  my mind's eye that I can reach out... 

Gay James

Hi, Luke,

This is Gay visualizing you in front of me and now we'll have a little

conversation. What a fun idea!

I like the illuminating cell visualization, but what has always really

worked for me is when I do any open and close (release/absorb), I picture in

my mind's eye that I can reach out; expanding across the beautiful

blue-green ocean and touch the sun rising up over the horizon. Once I've

touched the sun, it moves inside and lights up my whole body with it's

warmth and brightness. I can release it again, and expand back out, soaring

across the ocean waves and touching the sunrise; gathering it back inside.

It feels good just talking about this. Anyway, if this helps you out, this

is my favorite visualization and is one that came into my mind from the very

beginning of practice of ChiLel. Many thanks to you!

Beautiful abundant chi to you and yours,




I would do the 45 minute form, turn the tape over and do it again 3 or 4 times in a row.

 Hi... my name is Susan and I would like to respond to your idea of overcoming depression with Chi Lel. A few years ago I was fired from my job and I took the situation very personally. I was very angry and the consequences in my life seemed like a blur. I was unable to get over the situation for a long time, and it was over a year before I got another position. During my time off, I had all day to practice LCUPCD or wall squats, and it seemed like I was forever running into walls of time.... meaning I never had enough time and yet I had all the time in the world. I had to push myself daily to practice; I would do the 45 minute form, turn the tape over and do it again 3 or 4 times in a row. I felt drastic changes in my physical and emotional being during the practices, and eventually I was able to find some peace and reconciliation. It was not easy, and it probably took 6 months or so. I found that I was able to make clearer decisions, cope with my situation better, laugh a lot more. I am still practicing years later, and I would highly recommend having a Chi Lel time of day to practice for anyone facing emotional or physical challenges. It would be helpful to have a friend or someone to assist with motivation, because I found that to be one of the biggest prooblems ... always making excuses to do it later, and later never comes. Chi Lel can provide the energy and then it's up to me to provide the love in my life. Thanks for listening.... hao la !!


Mind and Movement

Shirley Dockstader

...almost magically I could feel the chi-field breathing and re-energizing me...


Shirley with her gold medals.

Dear Luke and Frank:

When I saw you at Ft. Mason in San Francisco this past spring, I mentioned that I was going to do a gong the Body & Mind Method as part of my race-walking training program for the Master's National Track and Field Meet in Eugene, Oregon in August. You said, "let us know how you do." So I am.

Thanks to ChiLel I came home with two gold medals. Adding a daily gong of the Body & Mind Method to my practice greatly improved my flexibility, energy, and stamina. In race-walking technique, arm strength and shoulder flexibility are very important. And anyone who does the Body & Mind Method knows how the first part of the form challenges your arms and shoulders!

In training for race-walking competition, keeping the kwa and the SI joint open and lubricated is critical, for speed in this sport depends upon fast and flexible hip turnover. The hip rotations and opening front and back kwa stretches are ideal exercises for race-walking hips. Add wall squatting to the equation and you have a very powerful program. 

Then there is balance, Achilles elasticity, ankle strength and flexibility, and leg power. All of these areas are addressed in the Body and Mind Method. It is almost as if someone had sat down and custom designed the form for race-walkers.

I led some of my fellow race-walkers in training through a few of the exercises and the response was enthusiastic. One of them said it freed her from chronic sciatica pain. They all felt relief from hip stiffness and ham string tightness. They are asking for more.

As important as the physical preparation was for me, the basic theme of ChiLel...the releasing and absorbing, was equally valuable. Throughout both the 5K and 10K races I opened myself to the chi-field in all six-directions and let the chi current carry me. If I began to feel tired I would say to myself, think Blue Sky, Think Body, release, absorb. And almost magically I could feel the chi-field breathing and re-energizing me.

So, thank you Luke and Frank and ChiLel for Body & Mind Method's contribution to my gold medals at the Nationals this summer; but more than the medals, for the joy and confidence I felt in my training and during the races.

100th day! periods normal!


Karen Tracy

Yay! Yesterday was my hundredth day of my Hao La Hula Gong!  I have been doing LCUPCD for a year and 7 months without missing a day, but I started the Hula for a problem of irregular, heavy and painful menstrual periods.

So many women told me that it was "peri-menopause" (I'm 42) and that "that's just what happens to us as we get older." The gynecologist said my choices were to go on hormone pills, or if it got troublesome enough to get a hysterectomy. Ha! as if I'd do that! American women have a hugely higher rate for that operation than do European women. And it is not without side effects.

So I drank strong red raspberry leaf tea, and started the Hao La Hula! I noticed immediately how my mingmen was not too loose at first, and how my spine would crack and readjust itself as I hula'd. I imagined my dantien was like Dr. Who's TARDIS -- a place of infinite space inside. I shouted out affirmations "uterus chi is plentiful!" "ovary chi is plentiful!" and I imagined that chi was a waterfall permeating all my tissues, then I would see if I could imagine the waterfall to be even stronger and more powerful, sweeping through me.

Since beginning the Hula, I have had NO PMS, and I have had THREE wonderfully normal, light, easy, and perfectly regular periods!!!

Tell your women friends! tell your wives, mothers,
daughters! It works!




Lisa El-Kerdi


Luke Chan arrived at the Glen Ivy Retreat fresh from China with wonderful

new tales from his teachers. He spoke extensively of his teacher's teacher,

an 88-year old Grandmaster. One of his stories catalyzed a deeper level of

experience for me.

Luke told of how this old Grandmaster could vanquish men much younger and

more powerful than he by simply holding up his arm. Luke said, "No man could

stand up against him because he pushed with every cell of his body."

That story rang the distant bell of one of the most profound experiences

I've had with this practice. While wall squatting one day I began to see how

far In and Out I could go. I began by going In to the tissues, then the

cells, then the atoms and the sub-atomic particles of the cells. As I

traveled Inward, I found vast space between "solid" particles. The farther I

went, the more space I found until I became the sweeping ebb and flow of the

universe. The effect was so powerful that it took several hours before I felt

solid again. I knew that I had been changed forever.

Luke's story sparked the memory of that experience in such a way that I

discovered a new and simple technique for Release/Absorb at the cellular

level. Any sense of strain one may feel when focusing on the dantien is

eliminated. Here goes:


First, recognize that every cell of your body has a "dantien" - the

nucleus of the cell. Now, when Absorbing, feel every cell absorbing from its

dantien. When Releasing, feel every cell releasing from its dantien. Your

body becomes a collection of millions of tiny "anemones" or "flowers", all

opening and closing. Furthermore, the greater tide sweeps automatically In to

the "Big Kahuna"* Dantien and Out from the "Big Kahuna" Dantien -



I hope that you feel the same sense of expansiveness that I do when

practicing this method. Happy Release/Absorb!


* "Big Kahuna" Dantien: ie. "Chief Dantien", "Big Mama Dantien","Mother of

All Dantiens" or Lower Dantien - that infinite place within, the energetic

center between navel and mingmen.



Trisha Brunelle points to Zhang's picture: Thank you Zhang Hung-Sun for giving me hope !


Trisha Brunelle

In June of 1998 I had surgery on my face to remove a tumor on my right parotid gland. The surgeon needed to make an incision from the top of my ear to the middle of my neck in order to remove the growth. The doctor stated clearly that I would loose feeling in my lower ear because he had to cut across a small nerve. When I asked if I could regain any feeling he replied , "nothing short of a miracle could regenerate that cut nerve."

In July of 1998 I was introduced to chi-lel at a workshop with Lynn Dean. Immediately, I knew I had found a practice to embrace for my healing , emotionally as well as physically. I went to the Mt. Shasta retreat in August and began my first gong. I did LCUPCD for 21 minutes, La Chi for 20 minutes, and 100 wall squats a day. I had done 100 wall squats to a beautiful tree on Mt. Shasta the last day of the retreat and said if I could do it one day then I could do it everyday, so I DID! I do not recommend starting this way, but I was desperate to help heal my tissue from the scar and remove the tingling sensation from the numbness on my face and my ear. I felt the power of the wall squat and knew deep inside the chi would help heal my incision.

I also read three stories from 101 Miracles each day. Luke had said that these healing stories would reinforce my belief eventually to become my story and he was right. Zhang Hung -Sun's story about regenerating nerves in his toe inspired me to do the same for my ear. I knew if he could heal his toe, I could heal the nerves in my ear and face. Thank you Zhang Hung-Sun for giving me hope !

When I practiced La Chi, I gathered chi between my hands at my navel area until I could feel the chi filling up the space between my hands. I then raised my hands to the right side of my face and delivered the chi to the incision area by my ear thinking blue sky then body. I envisioned my face and ear returning to normal. The scar on my neck and face healed completely without leaving a mark. A few months later I had been putting on an earring and suddenly noticed that I did have feeling in that earlobe and laughed that I had not even noticed the change. The chi had healed my nerves in spite of the doctor's diagnosis.

Now when I practice chi-lel I visualize that I am planting seeds of love and happiness in every cell of my body and mind. The chi is the sunshine and the rain that nourishes my cells to bloom into beautiful healthy flowers. When we love and honor our bodies we are able to love and honor all those who cross our paths in this life. Our garden of life is nourished and tendered by the love and compassion that is ever present in the chi field. This love expands allowing us to help one another to realize the importance of each one of us in this wonderful world. Whatever we accomplish in the healing chi field lifts up humanity for a lifetime.

Thank you Luke and Frank for sharing the gift of chi-lel.

Hao-La !



I no longer jumped up in the chair when she squirted cold water on my tooth! All the pain is gone.

Ginny Walden

FA CHI IMAGE I am experimenting with increasing the feeling of ONENESS

in the Healing Circle by seeing the people in the center of the circle as a

swirling ball of gold light that pulsates with each Hao-La and gets brighter

and brighter until the whole circle becomes this swirling golden ball

expanding out to the Universe in all directions. (this came spontaneously to

me at Kaua'i .) The individuals soon disappear and we all become this ball of

light. Then lately in a Healing Circle last Saturday I used a focused idea.

I saw this woman's teeth pulsating with sparkling gold light getting

brighter with each Hao-La. and afterwards she said she felt tingling chi in

her teeth! I had been using the La Chi and saw the same image on my own

tooth that was hurting several weeks ago and I just went to the Dentist this

week.  I no longer jumped up in the chair when she squirted cold water on

my tooth! All the pain is gone. So I am thinking that this simple image of

pulsating gold light might be easy for many to visualize TOGETHER. Just

like my experience with spoon-bending where everyone visualized THE SAME

IMAGE (the result= a bent spoon) we had instant results! Do you think that

if we all visualized the same image (pulsating swirling gold sphere expanding

and getting brighter) we could get instant results also??? I am

experimenting with this Saturday..


Romeo and Juliet


 I had a car accident  seven years ago. Since then I have had nausea and vertigo due to the cervical trauma.

One night, almost one year ago, I felt ill; I could not walk because of the vertigo, I had a crashing headache and nausea. I felt like a boat in a storm. I did not know what to do. As I did not have even the strength to walk, I started to think about Lao-Shi. I fell asleep and soon afterward I started dreaming. I saw Lao-Shi coming towards my bed, and telling me what to do about my pain. In the dream I was told to wall squat holding myself to the jamb door. In addition I have been showed how  to do the movement  and what to feel inside and outside my body. A ball started to form at the level of the first cervical vertebra and then it moved inside the spine, into the bone marrow, till sacrum.

At this level the ball rested on the sacrum moving the sacrum forward, while the coccyx  was moving upward hooking around the ball preventing this one to drop.

At the sacrum half of the ball was outside and half inside the bone. The outside part allow me to be light and hanging, while the inside part allowed me to be balanced and grounded. In the dream this was the image to help me to go down during the wall squatting.

The image which allowed me to stand up during wall squatting came just after the first image. I saw Lao-Shi hand taking gently and firmly the outside part of the ball; rolling and pulling it through the bone marrow of the spine. During the ascent the ball became smaller and lighter disappearing at the first cervical vertebra.

When I woke up, I crawled towards the jamb door. Then I tried to wall squat and as soon as I finish the second wall squatting I went to the toilette to vomit. Afterwards I tried to do two wall squatting and the I went to bed.

The next morning I was fine and since that day I have not had vertigo, nausea and headache anymore.

I feel that when I use this visualization my dantian is moving freely.





I was walking downstairs with Rosalia and  as my knee was hurting, I was recovering from a recent sport accident, I was limping. She noticed my effort to walk downstairs therefore she suggested to use my dantian and to move my sacrum forward. She told me to visualized a big ball over the sacrum. As soon I used  my dantian and that image I manage to walk downstairs easily and painless.

In the afternoon we had the Chi-Lel seminar and we did some exercise. Time run and we did some wall squatting. During the exercise I imagined to have a big ball in my dantian and a rope connected to that. I visualize somebody to pull me down from a cliff and then pulling me up. This image helped me a lot during wall squatting. In addition I followed the Luke advice which was given to me previously; I touched with my nose and forehead the wall, then I bent my knees slightly and imagine they were fixed like a hinge. Finally I went down using the image reaching a point comfortable for my spine. Then I let my Dantian to be pull up hence going up. I discovered with this method that is not necessary to touch the floor. The exercise is more effective and more beneficial when is performed properly.

At dinner time I was talking to Luke and I told him about the image , he tried it immediately and he loved it. During the explanation we modified the image slightly. The rope was passing through the spine bone marrow. We shared the image with the rest of the group because was effective and helpful.



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