Healing Good News for Injuries

A mighty ocean is made up of drops of water. A great healing chi-field is made up of individual healing stories. Every healing story is a story of love --the love of oneself and others through ups and downs. Every healing story is a story of  triumph -- the triumph of one's spirit over one's temporarily setback. Life is no guarantee. We love life as it comes.  

Annie, middle, at Glen Ivy Retreat, March 2000

How I “fell” into Chi-Lel Annie Rohr, Pheonix, AZ

            It was Nov. 1, 1999 in Sedona AZ at the chi-Lel™ seminar retreat. I fell, severely breaking my ankle and both bones in my shin. Beth went to get help.

          Luke decided to move me to a spot inside. I felt terrified at the idea of being lifted, jostled (dropped !!??) . I doubted the ability of these well-meaning, but inexperienced, friends to accomplish this without severe pain from the broken bones, and feared much worse could happen. I drew on my awareness, and decided this was a question of trust/surrender for me. I opened myself up the chi field completely. From that moment until I was safely lifted me, I did not feel any discomfort or pain of any kind.  It was surrounded by the magic carpet ride. I knew from the beautiful golden light that I was surrounded by the loving kindness (pure chi) of those who carried me so carefully.  There was no sensation of being lifted or movement at all. (Many thanks to all who focused their chi field on me at that time.)

          On the ground again, I became aware of excruciation pain. Sharp, stabbing agony that came in waves from my broken bones. The teachers, Luke& Frank began to practice Chi-Lel on me right away.  The pain began to reduce itself very soon.  It became a deep burning sensation. They continued, and over the next hour the next hour the burning had become a strong, dull ache.

          The “EMT”s arrived, my mind was clear and I felt completely coherent and focused – not in shock at all.  Together we got me into the ambulance and ready to go the emergency center. All the way, faced of Luke, Frank, and the Teachers passed continually before me and I could easily and clearly feel the loving chi energy they were sending to me.

          The “EMT”s , then the Urgent- Care Center, and later the hospital Dr’s and nurses, constantly urged me to take morphine for the pain. It was a mystery to them that I did not need any with such severe injuries. (The Dr. told me that “when tri-athletes come in with this injury they ask for lots of morphine.” Although uncomfortable, no medication was needed. The chi-Lel was working.

          In the morning I had surgery for 6 hours to repair the damage. A rod was put in from knee to ankle to hold the “Y” shaped spiral fracture of the tibia (shin bone). A 6’ plate and screw held the longitudinal break of the fibia (small shin bone). A hand full of screws held the pieces of the ankle together (I lost count).

          After surgery, Luke, Frank and the Teachers came to the hospital for an incredible healing experience. 

            When it was time to get out of bed, the nurses gave warnings about a “rush” and pain so severe it makes people pass out. As I shifted my foot down towards the floor, the fear was great, waiting for the pain. There was nothing. Not a twinge, Not a poke. And although being very weak, my head stayed clear. I went home (a 2 hour car ride) the next day. The drive was painless (thank you Frank!).

          A week later, the Dr. who took over at home put on a full ½ cast. He told me it was on very tight, and to expect throbbing pain from swelling against the cast. The swelling and throbbing could continue for up to a year. They expected the cast to stay on 12-16 weeks. And up to 6 months to regain normal use of my leg. At 4 weeks the cast was removed (it had been loose on my leg since two days after it was put on – no swelling and no discomfort from my ankle at all). At 6 weeks I stood on the ankle easily with full weight. At 8 weeks the crutches were no longer needed. At 16 weeks my ankle had 98% range of motion, and was back to my regular activities, including riding horses, hiking, and roller-skating.

          Chi-Lel helped speed my healing, reduced any discomfort to nearly zero and eliminate complications normally expected after this type of trauma and surgery.

          Now, I practice daily, and soon will have my first gong. Before the fall, I could barely bend my back so my hands went down to my calves. By the time I could stand on both feet, my mingmon area had opened to allow my to easily put my  palms flat on the floor.

       Thank you chi-Lel!!

        And thank you, Luke, Frank, Teachers and all those who sent loving Chi.

        I am deeply grateful.

        Annie Rohr


  Comments On Annie's Recovery by Paul Sullivan:

        My background as a physical therapist athletic trainer is how I will speak of this amazing recovery.

        Firstly,  no swelling noted after the fracture is very rare especially for the style & complexity of Ann’s fractures. No swelling was a result of the Chi healing already taking place.

         Secondly when we arrived the hospital after her surgery the first thing took notice of was her morphine drip which read zero. Zero was confirmed by nursing. This is not seen especially on the Friday out of bed per routine.  She had not needed pain medicine. With  12 years I have worked with pain, only one or two times before have I seen no pain medicine taken before this. So as far as the recovery time her speed is as she speaks remarkable quick recovery and the express 12-16 weeks casting is normal, 4 weeks this case –chi result as the rest of her progress. I put Ann through some test in March, 4 month or 16 weeks after, she is 95% - amaze to this lovely soul with belief and practice with her life of chi & Chilel Qigong.


 First time in about 15 years becoming pain free

  David M. Brown

 Muncie, IN

I wish also to thank you for the recent seminar at Oakwood Farms, IN. It is a

challenging process to work toward the basic instructor level but

interestingly, my right knee, which has been chronically inflamed from many athletic 

injuries in the past, is for the first time in about 15 years becoming pain free. A

small step as I have other chronic maladies which seem more preeminent but I

suppose the chi will prioritize its tasks in its own enigmatic way.

 Having been involved with health care for the past 16 years in this country

it has become too clear to me that what we in this country offer people for

health care is of limited value and quite expensive. Chi-Lel is a revelation in many ways

and quite simply offers a powerful way for healing which includes the whole person

(rather than an organ system) and with a phenomenal "track record." I have no

special talent to offer but I am not the issue even though I am using the 1st

person pronoun "I." Many need to learn of Chi-Lel. Perhaps there will be a

place for me to join in this journey to help someone else as I am being


 Hoa La, Ha Lo, Yee Hah


"I love this Chi-Lel.  It has saved my life. "

Darlene Rose (as told by Ginny Walden)
Kailua, Hawaii

Darlene Rose had a major car accident 18 years ago and suffered severe injuries to her head.  There was a liquid infection between her brain and skin and skull.  The doctors said there was no way they could drain it and so her there was nothing more they could do.

Her head and face were distended, altering her features.  When she woke up in the morning the room would be spinning.  Her eyes were blurry and colors were dim and indistinguishable, like red was gray.  When I met her she stuttered, unable to complete a sentence because she heard an echo, or two voices, when someone
spoke to her.  Because of this handicap she was unable to work and was always fearful.

Then she took a Chi-Lel class in Honolulu.  She felt chi immediately and felt positive.  She practiced Six Directions and Lift Chi Up And Pour Chi Down daily for six months.  During this time her stuttering stopped and her slow speech improved.  She knew Chi-Lel was working so she no longer felt fearful and continued her practice faithfully.

I called her to join a level 2 class and learn Body And Mind Method.  She was enthusiastic.  I spoke to her again two weeks after the class.  She said that since the class had ended, when she practiced Crane’s Neck and Dragon’s Head a thick green liquid drained out of her nose and mouth for 1 hour.  At first she felt afraid.  But then she remembered the chi effect in the 101 Miracles book and continued practice with courage.  She knew it was the infection in her brain draining.  Over some days the pus slowly changed to yellow then became like a thick white pudding.

As she told me this at class I noticed her speech was normal and her face showed normal features.  She said her vision was clear and she could now see the beauty of colors, the echo in her head was gone, and there was no more spinning.  All the symptoms she had suffered for 18 years were gone!  She spoke with such joy of her recovery to the class, saying, “I love this Chi-Lel.  It has saved my life.  Now I can get a job!  I want everyone to know about Chi-Lel!”



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