Healing Good News for Vertigo

A mighty ocean is made up of drops of water. A great healing chi-field is made up of individual healing stories. Every healing story is a story of love --the love of oneself and others through ups and downs. Every healing story is a story of  triumph -- the triumph of one's spirit over one's temporarily setback. Life is no guarantee. We love life as it comes.  

My dizziness was gone and has not returned in over two months

Jan Price

Salt Lake City, Utah

I wanted you to know how much Chi-Lel has helped me.

I have been suffering from vertigo for over a year and half.  This summer it became very debilitating to the point where I would cancel plans because I was just too dizzy. It was difficult for me to do any type of mental work that required concentration.

I read about your workshop and what I was hoping to get out of it was improved concentration and creativity. After the second day when we did the body-mind method, my dizziness was gone and has not returned in over two months!

Not only that, I have an incredible amount of energy and my mind is clear and focused.

I am doing the "lift chi up" every morning and I wouldn't think of not doing it, I feel great!  I also have been doing the full moon ceremony and I feel that it is one of the most powerful energy experiences that I have ever felt!

 Thank you for all the wonderful work you are doing to help others!


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