Healing Good News for Osteoporosis

A mighty ocean is made up of drops of water. A great healing chi-field is made up of individual healing stories. Every healing story is a story of love --the love of oneself and others through ups and downs. Every healing story is a story of  triumph -- the triumph of one's spirit over one's temporarily setback. Life is no guarantee. We love life as it comes.  

My Path to Health and Happiness

Judy Bayliss

Palmyra, PA


I was very skeptical about that first Chi-Lel ™ Qigong workshop.  I was interested in Qigong and had been for some time.  In fact, I'd bought a book a few years ago, but like most things I start, I never finished the book.  OK, let's be honest, I never even finished the first chapter!

  When my friend Judi talked about the benefits of Qigong, (she even quit smoking!) it reawakened my interest.  I did a search on the Internet looking for a class.  There were no classes in my area …… and the only web site I found was about a 'miracle hospital' where they cure people

without medicine…. People with life-threatening illnesses…  people with terminal diseases…………yeah right!  Just one more scam for the gullible.

  So I forgot about my hope for self-improvement.  Not that I didn't need self-improvement!  I have a variety of back problems: curvatures in the lower and upper back, a degenerated disc, arthritis in the spine and my pelvis is out of alignment. I'd been in constant pain for nearly ten years.  My range of movement was shrinking, some things I could no longer do, many things I learned to do differently, some things I just had to do in pain. The most ordinary, everyday things were painful: getting dressed,

personal hygiene, standing up from a seated position, sitting down from a standing position, making love.  The list is endless.

 There were different types of pain, sometimes the stabbing 'ice-pick in the spine', the rest of the time the constant dull presence. Sometimes my body would jack-knife, I learned to walk and move carefully, the slightest uncontrolled movement could cause pain and/or spasm. I ruined my stomach with pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications and finally reached the point where I could no longer tolerate anything that might take the edge off.  I'd tried Kunkalini, Hatha and Kripalu Yoga, Tai Chi, and Chiropractic treatments in addition to physical therapy and traditional medicine.  Didn't help.  I just had to live with it.

  I'd even gotten shorter.  I've always been 5'3", but a few years ago it was discovered that I'd shrunk an inch.  No signs of osteoporosis, the loss of that inch was due to the missing disc and muscle weakness.  My height was stable at 5'2" for the next 4 years. Then I invited myself along when Judi mentioned another Qigong workshop.  It was then that I realized she was saying Chi-Lel ™.  So I did another Internet search and found the Chi-Lel ™ web site.

You guessed it.  It was that same web site about the miracle cures.  I felt my spirits plummet, and wondered what I had gotten myself into. But then I thought, I've known Judi for over 30 years, I trust her judgment and intelligence.  I decided to go ahead and go to the

Oakwood retreat, but promised myself I'd steer clear of anything that sounded like a pyramid plan, not get talked into high-priced supplements etc. I'd just go, get the good out of it and ignore the rest.

  So I went with high hopes.  But that first night, when Luke led us through healing circles, once again I thought "Oh great, what have I gotten myself into?!"  But even though I was skeptical I took part in everything. I got up the next morning, went to breakfast, and then had my first introduction to 'Lift Chi Up, Pour Chi Down'.  At last, the stuff I had come for!

  When I bent down that first time, I could only get my hands down to the level of my knees.  But when I came back up……. It was with a huge smile on my face……….. because I DID come back up!  Just using my back, without having to 'walk' my hands up my thighs to push myself up, without having to find a chair or something to push off of.  It had been YEARS since I'd been able to do that, I couldn't believe it was happening. And then I realized when I'd gotten dressed that morning, it hadn't been the slow, painful process it normally was.  And morning was always my stiffest and most painful part of the day!

  By the end of the Oakwood retreat, I was able to get my hands about half-way down my calves.  And still come back up each and every time!  I was so excited!

  I continued to practice every single day and saw many improvements as time went on.  It's been over a year now, I still can't put my hands on my feet, but I can get them to about 2 inches above my feet.  I'm flexible, I have stamina, I have strength.  Dressing, showering,

everything that used to be so difficult and painful is a snap now!  It's been a long time since I've experienced any back pain at all.

  Recently we moved and not once did the several hours, day after day, of carrying heavy boxes and moving furniture ever cause me any pain or soreness.

  This past July, when I went in for my annual check-up, the nurse measured me, looked at the chart, jimmied the lever up and down a few times to make sure she had it all the way against my head, flattened my hair down, looked at the chart again……… Finally she said she didn't understand why, but I'd regained half an inch!  I just smiled………. and felt very tall!

  During the year since I started practicing Chi-Lel ™ Qigong, I've never missed a single day, and don't plan to, ever!  October 3, 1998 is a date I'll always remember, that's the day I found my path to health and happiness.

I hope to become an instructor and help other people discover this wonderful tool that changed my life so much.  There are so many people that need it and would benefit by it, and I need to give something back.



What does Judy practice every day?

My daily practice for the past year has been the 21-minute Lift Chi Up, Pour Chi Down, frequently followed by 3-Centers Merge in the morning, and in the evening I try to do something, even if it's just a 'quickie' version (maybe 10 minutes?) of LCUPCD. 

  And of course the Full Moon tape each month.  (and the very infrequent wall squat...... I think 20 is the most I've ever done but I'm determined to change that!)

  What I think about before & after doing LCUPCD is increasing flexibility & strength in my back.  While I do the form I just think about blue sky and Chi going into my body. 

When I do 3-Centers Merge, I do something similar to what's on the Full Moon tape, go down through my body, system by system, organ by organ, part by part and think of healing Chi pouring through.

  I think an important key for me has been to 'just do it' every day, no matter how pressed for time, or how tired I might be.  I know how easy it would be to 'lose' a habit if I were to skip even one day, I'm not going to let that happen with this.


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