The Hao-La Family

by Luke Chan

The Hao-La Baby:

Sandra Marckmann, a certified ChiLel teacher of Holland, was a professional ballet dancer and she embraced ChiLel with the same dedication to her new art as to ballet. She does Hao-La la chi to all her family members whenever there is a need. She did some much Hao-La to her new born daughter that her first words were "Hao La". It is not a surprise because practicing ChiLel does increase one’s intelligence. When I took this picture, the baby could only speak the words Hao La, and "mama" and few simple words.

Mama, Hao La:

When her son was only a baby, Sandra did Hao La to him when he had a stomachache. A year later, he surprised his mother when he asked for "Mama, Hao La" when he felt stomach discomfort again. "It is amazing how children remember things." 

Hao La in the Classroom:

When her daughter had some discomfort during a class, her teacher asked her to see a doctor in the clinic. But she replied, "I'll do Hao La." and closed her eyes and did Hao La standing in her classroom. Her teacher was surprised to see her student got better. Later the teacher asked Sandra about the miracle "Hao La". Sandra enthusiastically shared the art with the teacher.