Three Centers Merged Standing Method

...SWIRLING AS IT EXPANDS in all directions...

by Ginny Walden

Up to now I have used the circular pattern of the music to help keep a focus as well as imagery of dolphins circling or a big gold sun rotating in my Dantien. But because there is no physical movement the body-mind connection is weakened. This means my mind wanders more than focuses and I can get "spacey" and then the awareness of my presence in my body diminishes.

SOLUTION: when you are in the stance....

1. Think of the "cooking pot" ( Dantien area) swinging between the legs. To

feel this do a turn or two of Hula or Tuck to feel  hips and Dantien loosen and swing freely. Also feel the weight of the "pot" sinking down toward ground.

2. Then remember that all movement in the body extends outward from Dantien in all directions in a SPHERICAL swirling motion or like a balloon expanding.

3. Meanwhile the hands are "holding a ball" with each finger almost touching it's opposite finger ( remember to include thumbs).

4. IMAGE: while doing this think "RELEASE"...

a. See a GOLD DOT inside the Dantien (like a planet out in space)

b. See the gold dot EXPANDING LIKE A BALLOON in all directions (remember to go thru the feet!)

c. Then see it SWIRLING AS IT EXPANDS in all directions. (If you keep in mind the shape is a sphere then it automatically expands in all directions)

d. Then see the TRANSPARENT BODY expanding out WITH the gold sphere.

5. IMAGE with MOVEMENT: still thinking "RELEASE"...

a. Think of MINGMEN.

b. Now MOVE FINGERS slightly apart (and at the same time let them expand outward ) as if you are making the gold ball larger ( expanding the balloon).

c. AT THE SAME TIME IMAGINE and FEEL the sensation in your body o MINGMEN expanding outward WITH THE SPHERE in Dantien AND as the fingers are EXPANDING THE BALL. (At first you may actually move MINGMEN so you can feel the sensation of it expanding.)

d. Later with practice you can MOVE IT IN YOUR MIND, and it will move ever so slightly but not noticeably.

6. for "ABSORB" just do the above in reverse : see the balloon (sphere) deflating and at the same time move the fingers back to a small ball while returning in your mind to the image of the gold dot in Dantien.


I find I can THINK "RELEASE-ABSORB " because it is simultaneous with SENSING the body movement of MINGMEN and the actual slight movement of the FINGERS. This is enough to keep the MIND-BODY CONNECTION stronger and so my focus on Dantien becomes stronger and more consistent.

I am now able to do 3 Centers for ONE HOUR and be aware of Dantien much more of the time. I find the time often goes by quickly. This is amazing for me because this has been the most difficult form for me to do.

Give this a try in your practice and let me know (through the forum)  if this benefits your focus of Dantien.