Wuji Zhuang 

Luke Chan

The beginning posture of Lift Chi Up and Pour Chi Down, and Body & Mind Method is called Wuji posture. If we hold the Wuji posture for a long period of time (half hour or more), the standing will become Wuji Zhuang. 

Posture of Wuji Zhuang: Head and neck upright (look straight forward), eyes slightly closed, tongue touches upper palate, relax chest raise back, open lower waist,  tailbone (coccyx) slightly tucked in, knees slightly bent, foot arch like a bow, rooting into the ground; hands naturally relaxed and place next to the thighs; feet are together or at shoulder width.

Inner working of Wuji Zhuang: Look straight forward, withdraw vision inside into the head, let the thought drop down from the center of your brain into lower Dantien, like that of  a drop of water on a perfectly still pond, creating  ripples; then let the thought drop to the bottom of your feet. Empty all thoughts. When thoughts come, just let go and return to emptiness. "Just standing there" for half hour at a time.


1. To gather chi into lower Dantien so that you can use it for healing. 

2. To increase your ability to concentrate.

3. To center your body so that internal organs are aligned. When organs in their proper posture, they will release any toxin or stress which they have built up due to improper posture. Thus restore good health to your body.

4. To increase the sensation of chi so that your interest in practicing qigong is greatly enhanced. 



Ginny Walden demonstrates Wuji Zhuang, at the Kauai Retreat, February, 2002.