Hao La Hula

...visualize your pelvis as a bowl with a groove part way up the side...

Lyn Barnes,


One of the problems in doing Hao La Hula is getting the correct movement while maintaining your weight centered between your feet.  In other words, rotating the pelvis without shifting your weight from side to side.  To avoid this, visualize your pelvis as a bowl with a groove part way up the side.  Start about one inch from the bottom of the bowl.  As you get more movement in your coccyx, the groove will move higher up the side of the bowl.

Now, put a heavy ball into the bowl and, using your coccyx or tailbone, push the ball up into the groove and roll the ball to the left, back, right, and front.  Then reverse the order to go the opposite direction.  If you dump the bowl (lean into your pelvis), the ball will fall out of the groove into the bottom of the bowl.  You must keep the bowl steady by maintaining your weight equally on both feet so the bowl (your pelvis) is centered at all times.  The rotation will happen naturally as a result of your coccyx pushing the ball around the bowl.


Lyn Barnes is ready for a Luau, a nice break during the  February Kauai retreat.