"I love this Chi-Lel.  It has saved my life. "

Darlene Rose (as told by Ginny Walden)
Kailua, Hawaii

Darlene Rose had a major car accident 18 years ago and suffered severe injuries to her head.  There was a liquid infection between her brain and skin and skull.  The doctors said there was no way they could drain it and so her there was nothing more they could do.

Her head and face were distended, altering her features.  When she woke up in the morning the room would be spinning.  Her eyes were blurry and colors were dim and indistinguishable, like red was gray.  When I met her she stuttered, unable to complete a sentence because she heard an echo, or two voices, when someone
spoke to her.  Because of this handicap she was unable to work and was always fearful.

Then she took a Chi-Lel class in Honolulu.  She felt chi immediately and felt positive.  She practiced Six Directions and Lift Chi Up And Pour Chi Down daily for six months.  During this time her stuttering stopped and her slow speech improved.  She knew Chi-Lel was working so she no longer felt fearful and continued her practice faithfully.

I called her to join a level 2 class and learn Body And Mind Method.  She was enthusiastic.  I spoke to her again two weeks after the class.  She said that since the class had ended, when she practiced Crane’s Neck and Dragon’s Head a thick green liquid drained out of her nose and mouth for 1 hour.  At first she felt afraid.  But then she remembered the chi effect in the 101 Miracles book and continued practice with courage.  She knew it was the infection in her brain draining.  Over some days the pus slowly changed to yellow then became like a thick white pudding.

As she told me this at class I noticed her speech was normal and her face showed normal features.  She said her vision was clear and she could now see the beauty of colors, the echo in her head was gone, and there was no more spinning.  All the symptoms she had suffered for 18 years were gone!  She spoke with such joy of her recovery to the class, saying, “I love this Chi-Lel.  It has saved my life.  Now I can get a job!  I want everyone to know about Chi-Lel!”