Romeo and Juliet for Wall Squatting


I am very excited to share with you a visualization for wall squatting from Verona, Italy. This visualization is rather simple yet powerful. When you come up from squatting position, you imagine something  heavy is being pulled up inside your spine from the coccyx to above of your head. When you are squatting down, you imagine the heavy object falling down from inside your spines to the coccyx. The original idea was from Rosalia, a certified Chilel teacher in Italy. A few months ago, she couldn't do wall squatting without terrible spine pain because of an injury from a car accident. She prayed to Lao-Shi and through a dream, Lao-Shi told her the visualization technique. She followed the instruction and pain disappeared. She now does wall squatting everyday using the technique. When Rosalia told the story to Lucio, Lucio made it more simple and easier for common people to understand. Lucio imagined someone above a cliff pulling something heavy ( a ball or something) from his coccyx up his spine.

This is a beautiful and effective visualization technique. So what is more appropriate to give credit to the native son and daughter of the city, Verona, (made famous by Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet) by name the visualization "Romeo and Juliet"?


Rosalia (Juliet) and Lucio (Romeo)
The Italian group posed with Romeo and Juliet, who enacted the scene where Romeo climbed up the balcony through a Juliet's hair (or something like that).