Glen Ivy Retreat: Mothers and Daughters

We had a powerful retreat in Glen Ivy in November and a new record was set: The oldest person who had attended a retreat -- Mirian Palmer, 92. (For two-day workshop, the record was 97). 

It was a powerful retreat, not only there was much loving healing chi, but also much spirit of sharing of inner visions. Ann Rohr has shared her vision of moving a heavy object (marble) using her tailbone as if pushing along the curves of a ship, while doing the "tuck in; move back" portion of the HaoLa Hula. By using imaginary objects, she was able to activate the chi power. By opening herself to the group, Ann has received much personal healings including improvement of her eyesight in return. 

Mirian Palmer (left), 92, with daughter, Lyn Barnes and Irma (right), 89, with daughter Karen Hunter..
Glen Ivy retreat November, 2001