Beatrice's Earth for Dantien


The presence of the Dantien is not known to those who don't practice qigong ( and internal arts). (Dantien, here we mean the lower Dantien between the navel and Mingmen.) The healing power of chi is ignored because people don't know chi can be concentrated in the Dantien. It is like the power of air is being ignored until someone put it into an automobile tire.

For the beginners, the Dantien is an empty concept. So in order to make it more concrete, a visualization is encouraged. Of course, the image disappears as soon as you can sense the presence of your Dantien. Beatrice of Verona, Italy has come up with an image of a rotating earth. This is a particular good image for beginners because it indicates 1. the Dantien is not static, but dynamic.  (Please don't image a globe spinning fast. If you do, you might feel dizzy.) 2. the Dantien is three dimensional (round or otherwise), not flat. For an example, if you don't concentrate on your Dantien while doing Bend Body Arch Back of the Body & Mind Method , your chi will be in your upper body, making you unstable (not rooted).


Beatrice of Verona, Italy.