Wall squatting

Donna McDermott

Phoenix, Arizona

Wallsquatting is one of my favorite forms in Chilel. I also feel that it

is the most powerful form. Before I began practicing Chilel, I was

spending 90-95% of my time laying down for a year and a half as a result

of a battle with cancer. My body was so depleted. I had lost all muscle

mass in my arms, legs and buttocks. In fact, even though I had been

practicing over an hour a day of Chilel for two months I was concerned

about being able to stand up for an entire day at the first one day

workshop I attended. During that same time period, I had a degenerative

condition in my lower back which caused me constant pain in my left hip

and leg, and at times caused me to drag my right leg. Well, I made it

through the one day workshop, but standing all day resulted in numbness

from the knee down in my right leg which lasted for 3 months. At the

workshop, I was really inspired to make more effort with the wallsquats

in hopes of healing my back.

I thought we were required to be able to do 50 wallsquatts for the

workshop, so I had pushed myself for two months prior. I began doing

wallsquatts by holding on to two door knobs, one with my right hand in

front of me, and one with my left hand to my left side. When I firt

began I could only do two or three at a time. I would repeat this as much

as I could. Later I heard about putting a book under my heels. It

helped so much that I decided to change to one door knob. Eventually, I

made myself let go of the door knob and do it free standing by the wall.

I verbally coached myself out loud while practicing to encourage myself.

I would say, "Do it, just do it. You can do it"...over and over again.

My clothes would be soaking wet by the time I finished. It took me a

total of 8 months to be able to do 100 wallsquatts.

I am so glad I stuck with it and continue to practice 100 per day. I have

missed some days, but not many. I don't do it because I have to. I do

it because of the benefit I feel. I injured my back a few months ago

trying to lift a heavy table. (I forget I have a back problem because I

have almost no pain.) Immediately after I fell to the floor, I did

wallsquatts. It took the pain away. My goal is to be strong enough to

do 200 per day. I feel that if I can do that my health will skyrocket!

By the way, I am cancer free for 4 years now, getting stronger and

stronger, healthier and healthier. Oh, and those thighs and buttocks that

were twice their normal size...I have never had such toned thighs and

buttocks in my entire life! I can eat as much as I want with wallsquats,

I don't gain weight or width. Hao La!