How to do Fa Chi to others for facilitate  healing without depleting your own chi.


1. It is important to remind all participates when they are facilitate healing for one, they are healing all, including oneself. In this way, they will not deplete their chi and at the same time gain much healing chi..

2. Harmonizing the thinking of all the people involved to form a healing chi-field: The leader verbally directs the people to relax their body and  bring in the healing, loving chi from the universe and ten million Chilel practitioners all over the world. It is important to mention "love and compassion"  because these words relax people and will facilitating healing. 



3. With the same rhythm -- Hao La, Hao La saying by all the people with their hands follow the rhythm of the words. Hands are like chisels, delivering chi to chip away the chi-blockages (illness). Chi can and will even break gallstones and kidney stones.


4. The leader say something positive to intensify the intention: such as "Now I see the changes already. It's happening. I can see it is disappearing." By saying something concrete, you create an excitement and urgency to dissolve the chi blockages. That's what the teacher in the videotape of a cancer disappearing  was saying.


5. Do it about five to ten minutes. Don't over do it because people will get bored and settle down into some kind of  inertia. 

6. Should emphasize that everyone involved is as important as everybody else. It is not the "masters" doing all the work. So we should arrange the student to either laying down, standing, or sitting so that everyone can reach him or her. It is very important to let everyone know it is a team effort and everyone counts and everyone makes a difference!


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