The scientists have discovered that the earth, the moon, the sun, the galaxies, and now even the black holes are spinning within themselves and among themselves. 

Luke Chan



Lisa El-Kerdi 

Luke Chan arrived at the Glen Ivy Retreat fresh from China with wonderful new tales from his teachers. He spoke extensively of his teacher's teacher, an 88-year old Grandmaster. One of his stories catalyzed a deeper level of experience for me.

Luke told of how this old Grandmaster could vanquish men much younger and more powerful than he by simply holding up his arm. Luke said, "No man could stand up against him because he pushed with every cell of his body."

That story rang the distant bell of one of the most profound experiences I've had with this practice. While wall squatting one day I began to see how far In and Out I could go. I began by going In to the tissues, then the cells, then the atoms and the sub-atomic particles of the cells. As I traveled Inward, I found vast space between "solid" particles. The farther I went, the more space I found until I became the sweeping ebb and flow of the universe. The effect was so powerful that it took several hours before I felt solid again. I knew that I had been changed forever.

Luke's story sparked the memory of that experience in such a way that I discovered a new and simple technique for Release/Absorb at the cellular level. Any sense of strain one may feel when focusing on the dantien is eliminated. Here goes:

First, recognize that every cell of your body has a "dantien" - the nucleus of the cell. Now, when Absorbing, feel every cell absorbing from its dantien. When Releasing, feel every cell releasing from its dantien. Your body becomes a collection of millions of tiny "anemones" or "flowers", all opening and closing. Furthermore, the greater tide sweeps automatically In to the "Big Kahuna"* Dantien and Out from the "Big Kahuna" Dantien - effortlessly!

* "Big Kahuna" Dantien: ie. "Chief Dantien", "Big Mama Dantien", "Mother of All Dantiens" or Lower Dantien - that infinite place within, the energetic center between navel and mingmen.



The movement of the Dantien is spinning, swirling, NOT expanding and contracting like that of a balloon. 

Luke Chan


Ginny Walden

As for the Swirling Dantien image... your description was not

difficult for me. I can actually FEEL it more than see it! Actually when I

do wall squats I feel a swirling down thru my legs as well as up thru my

torso and spine at the same time. In the other forms it is like my body

disappears and becomes the swirling in ALL directions and I am the

 Universe, the body is gone.., Lisa sees the microcosm and I feel the

 macrocosm! It is just coming naturally with no effort.. the less I try to

 imagine the easier it comes. I am also getting my eyes half open with the other forms and

still feel the connection with Dantien releasing as a big gold sphere

swirling out in ALL directions to universe, the body disappears. I am One

with everything and then all swirls back into a tiny gold spot in my

transparent belly area. Now I FEEL it in my body. I feel it more elliptical,

definitely more up and down swirling thru torso and spine during wall

squats...I feel Dantien pushing out Mingmen now....this is new. Also in 3

Centers Merge I sense a swirling motion in my dantien. Sometimes my hips

move ever so slightly (like in Hao-La Hula..) My practice is much deeper

now. It is so alive yet so quiet at the same time. Opening my eyes is still

a challenge  but more and more the Dantien stays. I even see myself one with

the Universe at times when I am walking around now! I also practice LCUPCD

saying release/absorb during parts that don't have it..

and this is effective.