After only three months of practice, I now experience greater physical energy and increased respiratory stamina.


Barbera attended Glen Ivy Retreat, March 2001.

Hi Everyone,

I decided to write a generic letter about Chilel qi-gong. Please, be receptive and open to an impressive healing method available from China thanks to Frank and Luke Chan. They  are responsible for bringing the Chilel method to the Western world and US. In March, I attended a 6 day retreat at Glen Ivy in Corona, CA. The experience was remarkable and one I shall remember for a long time to come if not my whole life.

 Basically, they teach you how to access the universal chi energy that surrounds us and use it in our life for healing and well being. I highly encourage those of  you who have access to the web to open their web site or call the toll free number 800.784.0146 for information. Check it out. The web site has tons of information that I can't even begin to tell.
Maybe this method isn't for everyone and you doubt or question what you read. This is natural and normal. I attended session by these two teachers three years ago at a conference in Palm Springs. I did not recognize that what they were teaching would help heal me and I ignored it. Last November, thanks to a medical person I was seeing, I was encouraged to check it out for real this time. She then loaned me her book and tapes. I guess I was ready to listen as my respiratory condition had continue to decline and worsen. Now I am convinced the chi energy is real! I am very excited about the potential this healing chi energy has in my life. After only three months of practice, I now experience greater physical energy and increased respiratory stamina. Just be open to all possibilities and make a commitment to yourself to practice the method and create your own miracles.
The materials for getting started involve buying the book 101 Miracles of Natural Healing, a video tape to see how to do the movements, which are very simple, and a few audio tapes for your daily practice. That is I how I got started. What a truly small investment for a healing tool that lasts a life time. By the way, chi energy is always all around us, is free to everyonecan never be swallowed like a pill, injected, controlled by government agencies, or taxed! All the stories in the book and on the web site are about real people who have been healed. I met several others at the retreat whose personal stories of healing are inspiring and remarkable.
So much for Barbera's "soap box" pitch. Except for an occasional personal update, this is the only email message you will receive from me about the Chilel Healing Method. Yes, I am definitely available to answer any questions about the method on line or over the phone. Consider this email message an "invitation" for you to participate in an amazing healing opportunity and personal wellness journey.
Thanks for listening to my pitch. I love you all.