Congratulations to Patricia van Walstijn, Senior ChiLel TM Instructor

Luke Chan


We are very proud to promote Patricia van Walstijn as our senior instructor, the first in Europe. I met Patricia four years ago at our first ChiLel workshop  in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She came up to me after the workshop and told me that she had found her "calling" and expressed her wish to bring ChiLel to Europe. I politely told her that it was a noble thing to do but didn't actually listen to what she's saying. Soon she went to China with us and learned ChiLel from its source, but I was still not convinced. I advised her to use a different name other than ChiLel because I wasn't sure if she would bring the same spirit of love and compassion to Europe as we have done here in the USA.  I assumed that she would create a wave in Holland (and Italy) as she was a well known model there and then fizzle as she would change her interest. But little did I know that she was also a water ski instructor for four years in Greece. "I was so happy to see people able to water ski after a few lessons even though many thought something they could never do."  

So with a pleasing figure as a model and patience and calm as a water skiing instructor, Patricia has indeed created not just a ripple but a storm in Holland and its surrounding countries. I was so impressed with the loving, compassionate attitude and the skill of her instructors that I decided on the spot to adopt the name ChiNeng in Europe and recognized all certified ChiNeng instructors as certified Chilel instructors.

As I am writing these words in Amsterdam, Holland, I am but feel proud for the Dutch people for they have produced a wonderful daughter--Patricia Walstijn. She will do much good for Europe in general and her own country in particular, for she is young, graceful, compassionate and with a heart of gold. 

So with all my heart and blessings, I'm truly thankful be able to have Patricia as our senior ChiLel instructor.


Chi Smile -- Patricia (middle) 
Luke Chan and Patricia (third middle) pose with certified ChiLel/ChiNeng Qigong instructors in Europe.
Chi hug after a heart-warming Chilel retreat.

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