European (Holland)  Retreat April 23 through April 27, 2001


I was there!



Chi Smiles
Certified ChiLel TM  (ChiNeng TM) instructors
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Jerry from England:

"The Holland retreat was the first opportunity for me to get deeper into

Chi-lel and experience the more subtle aspects of the forms. I learnt a lot

from Luke and the other teachers and feel that my understanding of the

theory and forms (in my mind and body) has gone up a level. The retreat

helped me to realize that Chi-lel really is a complete qigong system of

great depth. My wall squatting has improved and by changing my

visualizations I have now reduced the chi pressure in my head. I feel my

health has improved too. I can honestly say that I felt an enormous amount

of love and compassion from everyone there and I am looking

forward to the next retreat. An additional bonus for me (as a music theory

researcher) was the revelation that qigong and music are closely related. I

had already discovered that music follows the fundamental laws of yin and

yang but when Luke remarked that the alternating rhythms of Chi-lel practice

also mirror those present in music I realized just how close the link was.

All in all I can thoroughly recommend going to a chi-lel retreat, especially

if, like myself, you have been practicing alone for a long time. It will

shed a new light on Chi-lel."